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Country Prose
by Charlie Hansen

Jeannie CameronWell here we are again deeply into fall and all the summer hub bub is over and done with for another year. There are a couple of things I’d like to talk about this month. Well actually one is a thing and the other is a person.

First the person.

The first item on the agenda this month is a young lady from up Summerside way by the name of Jeannie Cameron. Jeannie is a veteran of the Toronto music scene having been a singer in a band known as Highground. Jeannie’s career got its start through a chance meeting with Jim White who was a drummer in an established band. Jeannie was singing at a local fair and Jim liked what he heard and asked her to join the band. Another chance meeting with Canadian country music legend, Terry Sumsion was the shot in the arm that the band needed to put them on the path to a good career. For about seven years they acted as Terry’s opening act as well as opening for other headliners in all the “A” list clubs in the Ontario area.

All this came to an end when Jeannie, a single mom with two boys heavily involved in sports, decided to spend her time nurturing their careers. Jeannie moved her boys back home to PEI in 2002 and spent the next ten years running to sports facilities all across the Island. A couple of years ago, with her boys grown, Jeannie decided to get back into the music business in a smaller scale than before and started doing ceilidhs, small shows, etc.

Yet another chance meeting would produce Jeannie’s involvement in a CD project with Tim Archer which will include a number of other Island artists.

Jeannie has also embarked on her own solo project that will be completed next summer. Jeannie embodies the old adage that you can’t deny great talent. She has a great voice and I look forward to hearing much more from Jeannie in the future.

And now for the thing.

Music PEI, with the assistance of The 2014 fund has produced a CD project that features twelve years of PEI music award winners. This is quite an eclectic compilation and bears testament to the fact that the music industry has matured and diversified over the last twelve years.

This CD runs the gauntlet from bluegrass to rock to folk and back around again. The CD contains 35 songs and is a great listen. If you’d like to have one they are available at Back Alley Music. Drop by and see the folks there and they’ll make sure you leave with a copy.

Until next time don’t forget to support live country and bluegrass music and listen to Bluegrass Island every Sunday at 9 pm on CFCY FM 95.1 in Charlottetown and on the web at

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