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Country Prose
by Charlie Hansen

Charlie HansenBy the time you read this column the summer festival season will be over and the successful ones will smile and the unsuccessful ones will try again another year.

The PEI Bluegrass and Old Time Music Festival was very successful this year for our 30th annual. This was a great contrast from last year when tropical storm Arthur tried to knock us out but didn’t succeed. Next year’s festival feature US bands, Volume Five, The Farm Hands Quartet and Stacy Grubb.

It appeared as though the Evangeline festival was a success judging by the amount of white fiberglass in the field. Both festivals featured local regional and international groups which were at the top of their game.

The fall season ushers in another group of festivals. The shellfish festival runs September 17–20 with lots of good food and lots of great local and regional entertainment. Jimmy Rankin is one of the featured performers along with Vintage 4.0, Melanie Morgan, Irish Mythen and Signal Hill as well as local favourites Muddy Buddy and Boys In The Kitchen. A good time is assured at the Shellfish Festival.

In early November the Summerside Bluegrass Festival will be held at the former Linkletter Inn and Convention Center. This year’s festival features New Vintage from the US as well as a strong group of local and Maritime bands.

By the time that’s over we’ll be in Florida for the winter and looking forward to more trips to Skippers and many music festivals that are a staple of the entertainment scene in central Florida. There is a new one up Brooksville way and it will be a good chance to check that one out as it’s only a short drive from Zephyrhills. The Canadian dollar isn’t doing us any favours but since we have to pay the rent anyway we might as well go.

I’ve been writing this column for a long time and I’ve seen many things and people come and go but this is my last one. Before I fade into the sunset I’d like to thank Peter and Nancy for all their support, not only for me but for the PEI Bluegrass and Old Time Music Festival by sponsoring our workshops. Thanks for letting me express my opinion some times and for letting me shut up at the right time. Thanks to the people that read this every month and for supporting me when I made mistakes, and Lord knows there were many of them. Away back in the beginning I tried to follow the path that Paul “The Old Rattler” Myers had blazed before. Sometimes I succeeded and sometimes I didn’t but I always enjoyed it.

I guess when you leave you should always turn out the lights, so here goes, finger on the switch, fade to black.

Oh, just one more thing, keep supporting live country and bluegrass music and listen to Bluegrass Island every Sunday evening at 9 on CFCY and on the web at, I’ll still be there.


The Buzz thanks Charlie “Never Missed A Deadline” Hansen for his valuable contributions to this publication, and, by extension, for all the support he gave to Island country and bluegrass musicians over the years.

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