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Connecting the Dots

Talking Bands

by Lindsay Arsenault

Jacob MacEachern, Alex Douglas, Adam Stanley, Kyle Gallagher, Mark Duffy

.Chara. members are not strangers to the PEI music scene. Although they have only been together since October of ’04, Adam Stanley (bass), Alex Douglas (vocals), Jacob MacEachern (guitar), Kyle Gallagher (guitar) and Mark Duffy (drums) have been involved in the scene in one way or another. The birth of .chara. began with the boys jamming frequently. Now they bring a large fan base to PEI shows.

For the past two years, .chara. have been working hard—writing, recording, promoting and playing shows. In December of 2004, the band released a five-song, self-titled demo, and another EP entitled A Fist Fight in a Shark Tank. The band also does a lot of their own promotion through posters, their website ( and word of mouth.

Label .chara. what you will, whether it be indie rock, emo core, or rock and roll fusion, it is all rock and roll for .chara., and they are determind to bring this to their fans. Influenced by everything from the ‘Old School Metal’ sounds of Iron Maiden to the melodic sounds of Coheed and Cambria, their songs appeal to all ages. “We turned up the metal, and turned down the guitar,” jokes Stanley.

“We write about everything and anything that is going on at the time. Everything from poetry to religion, from every aspect of life. Although our song titles never reflect on the song, the titles are usually chaotic and never make sense,” explains Douglas.

“We listen to everything,” explains Gallagher. “We just do not want to fade out, so we keep finding ways to change our sound without changing who we are as a band.”

.Chara. explained that they listen to music all the time. “Although it sounds cliche,” explains MacEachern, “We don’t do anything where music is not involved. It is hard to get noticed but we have so much fun playing even when we hate each other.”

.Chara. promises that there will “always be something fresh, as long as there is support for the local scene.” The band has many plans for the future including touring in the spring, getting into the studio again and playing as many shows as they possibly can. With the speed they are going I’m positive that we will be hearing more and more from the redislocated/melodic metal band .chara.

Double Ought Buckshot

Talking Bands

by Lindsay Arsenault

Double Ought Buckshot

For the past two years, Dan Currie (guitar and vocals), Nick Currie (guitar and vocals), Craig MacPherson ( bass guitar) and Roger Carter (drums) have been merging their talents in the “straight out rock” band Double Ought Buckshot. They are influenced by many different types of music including ’70s rock & roll, hardcore rock, country and alternative rock. They bring all of these different influences together to form an incredible rock band.

“Double ought buckshot” is a particular size of shot commonly used in shotgun shells for hunting. The band are not out for killing deer any time soon, but they are out for a killer show.

On and off for the past two years, becoming more serious over the past year, the boys have been working on a bunch of songs to help promote Dan’s solo CD after his former band (Eyes for Telescopes) had split. They have been friends forever and get along well (Dan and Nick are brothers) so it seemed easy to form a band. There was no tension when working together, so they figured it made sense to start Double Ought Buckshot. Band members say the everyone is completely open with ideas, and they are all great friends outside of the band. “Everyone knows where they stand and we flow together well. Each and every one of us are always open to suggestions,” explains Dan.

“There is that brother energy between Dan and I, a certain closeness and rivalry to feed off each other that just works with us. The fact that we get along so great with Craig and Roger just makes sense to have fun…we just fit together well,” says Nick of the chemistry of the band.

A big influence of the band is singer-songwriter David Allen Coe, a musical outlaw who at one time had teamed up with another one of Double Ought Buckshot’s influences, Hank Williams. A lot of the band’s songs are about life itself, hanging out in bars and booze…much like David Allen Coe.

The guys wanted to be musicians ever since they could remember. “We were always dressing up as different musicians as kids, like going out for halloween dressed up as the members of Kiss,” says Dan. “My first cassette tape that I bought was Black Sabbath when I was just four years old,” adds Nick.

Double Ought Buckshot are currently recording their first CD, working with close friends of theirs who also worked with Dan and the members of Eyes for Telescopes and on his solo CD. The CD has yet to be titled but they plan to have it out by Christmas. They are also planning on touring next summer throughout Ontario and Eastern Canada once their CD is out. Another goal for the band is getting their music played on rock radio. They presently play at bars such as Baba’s and upcoming shows are in the works for Hunter’s Ale House and Myron’s.

Midnight Auto Supply

Talking Bands
by Lyndsay Arsenault

Midnight Auto SupplyBy definition, “dynamic” means “of or relating to variation of intensity, as in musical sound.” Rock n roll however, is a form of music arising from and incorporating a variety of musical styles, such as rhythm and blues, country and gospel. Nicholas Tetar (vocals and guitar), Nic Bakker (bass), Thomas Mears (guitar) and Miles Kinney have found a way to unite the two meanings to form a “dynamic rock n roll band” Midnight Auto Supply.

The four band members have only been together a short period of time (five months) but all knew of each other’s musical talents. They met through a local “Open Mic” and haven’t stopped jamming since.

Influences on the guys range from Frank Black (who taught Kurt Cobain) to the alternative rock of Pearl Jam, to the pop rock of The Beatles. “Everything that is music influences us. Just the sound of music is what inspires us to play. Not just any different kind of genre—every genre,” says Kinney

“Rock n roll revival—back to the roots of rock n roll,” explains Kinney describing what the band is all about. They don’t like to classify themselves as playing a genre of music. They play various kinds of music from country, to blues, rock, and the list goes on.

The name Midnight Auto Supply didn’t just appear out of nowhere. “We would start to jam around 1 am one night. The name means stealing space at midnight to play music, or stealing away from the night,” explains Bakker.

The band claims that they are having fun right now, not planning a tour anytime soon. They are just four friends who, when put together in a room, just start playing music.

Midnight Auto Supply play in front of as many people as the audience will allow. They consider everyone as equals. “We are playing to feed the audience and we get that same feed from the audience,” says Teter.

Midnight Auto Supply have only been together for five months, but right now they are preparing themselves to record a CD. They expect to be recording by the end of this summer.

“We have a lot of trust in each other. We were really careful of who was in the band. This is a special time for us and it’s great that we are getting the feed back that we do now,” says Mears.

The band is making a name for themselves, playing at local bars, and, hopefully, some all ages shows in the future. They were even approached for a private function. These boys are ready to rock all of the time and they are not giving up anytime soon.


Talking Bands
by Lyndsay Arsenault

What do you get when you combine a hairstylist, two call-center agents and a high school student? Birmingham.

To many, they are the new local heros, after the break up of Dreams Among Stars. All four of the band members have experience working with other bands, and have grown into creating the new, fresh, mature sound of Birmingham. Corey Doucette (vocals and guitar), Andrew Falls (drums), Adam Major (bass guitar) and recent addition Brennan Moore (keyboards) have a chemistry like no other. “We are best described as emotionally charged music combined with a simply electrifying show,” says the band.

Birmingham has a new alternative indie rock full-length CD (Arm Your Wings), greatly anticipated by many, which is due out in mid-July of this year.

Influences for the guys range from the melodic sounds of Copeland to the “love metal” sounds of HIM. “We will listen to everything, even if it is not the particular genre of music that we like, we still appreciate all types of music,” says Doucette. “We expect the same respect as we show other bands, and we receive it.”

Their songs are original. “Most of our songs are about life itself—struggle, ups and downs, girls, and everything in between,” explains Major. “We try and take our ideas out of our everyday experience to create something real, and something of significance,” says Falls.

Members of Birmingham arrange all their promotion themselves, with the help of their loyal friends. “We have a friend who designs our posters, and when we get them we print them off, plaster them everywhere (going to schools, music stores, etc.),” says Falls. They have also been avidly involved with helping arrange shows and promoting for “away” bands to play in Charlottetown.

June has been a great month for Birmingham—playing with Silverstein in the middle of the month, putting the show together and getting their name out there to promote their up-coming summer tour. “It’s been great working with the boys. Our newer stuff is sounding great. Recordings are being mastered and I couldn’t feel better about Birmingham. Everything is falling into place, like our tour this summer. It’s gonna be a summer to remember,” states Moore

The future is looking bright for Birmingham. Their website is launched, their merch is on the way, a central Canada to East coast tour is in the works, a CD release is planned…

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