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Talking Bands
by Lyndsay Arsenault

Midnight Auto SupplyBy definition, “dynamic” means “of or relating to variation of intensity, as in musical sound.” Rock n roll however, is a form of music arising from and incorporating a variety of musical styles, such as rhythm and blues, country and gospel. Nicholas Tetar (vocals and guitar), Nic Bakker (bass), Thomas Mears (guitar) and Miles Kinney have found a way to unite the two meanings to form a “dynamic rock n roll band” Midnight Auto Supply.

The four band members have only been together a short period of time (five months) but all knew of each other’s musical talents. They met through a local “Open Mic” and haven’t stopped jamming since.

Influences on the guys range from Frank Black (who taught Kurt Cobain) to the alternative rock of Pearl Jam, to the pop rock of The Beatles. “Everything that is music influences us. Just the sound of music is what inspires us to play. Not just any different kind of genre—every genre,” says Kinney

“Rock n roll revival—back to the roots of rock n roll,” explains Kinney describing what the band is all about. They don’t like to classify themselves as playing a genre of music. They play various kinds of music from country, to blues, rock, and the list goes on.

The name Midnight Auto Supply didn’t just appear out of nowhere. “We would start to jam around 1 am one night. The name means stealing space at midnight to play music, or stealing away from the night,” explains Bakker.

The band claims that they are having fun right now, not planning a tour anytime soon. They are just four friends who, when put together in a room, just start playing music.

Midnight Auto Supply play in front of as many people as the audience will allow. They consider everyone as equals. “We are playing to feed the audience and we get that same feed from the audience,” says Teter.

Midnight Auto Supply have only been together for five months, but right now they are preparing themselves to record a CD. They expect to be recording by the end of this summer.

“We have a lot of trust in each other. We were really careful of who was in the band. This is a special time for us and it’s great that we are getting the feed back that we do now,” says Mears.

The band is making a name for themselves, playing at local bars, and, hopefully, some all ages shows in the future. They were even approached for a private function. These boys are ready to rock all of the time and they are not giving up anytime soon.

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