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Talking Bands
by Lyndsay Arsenault

What do you get when you combine a hairstylist, two call-center agents and a high school student? Birmingham.

To many, they are the new local heros, after the break up of Dreams Among Stars. All four of the band members have experience working with other bands, and have grown into creating the new, fresh, mature sound of Birmingham. Corey Doucette (vocals and guitar), Andrew Falls (drums), Adam Major (bass guitar) and recent addition Brennan Moore (keyboards) have a chemistry like no other. “We are best described as emotionally charged music combined with a simply electrifying show,” says the band.

Birmingham has a new alternative indie rock full-length CD (Arm Your Wings), greatly anticipated by many, which is due out in mid-July of this year.

Influences for the guys range from the melodic sounds of Copeland to the “love metal” sounds of HIM. “We will listen to everything, even if it is not the particular genre of music that we like, we still appreciate all types of music,” says Doucette. “We expect the same respect as we show other bands, and we receive it.”

Their songs are original. “Most of our songs are about life itself—struggle, ups and downs, girls, and everything in between,” explains Major. “We try and take our ideas out of our everyday experience to create something real, and something of significance,” says Falls.

Members of Birmingham arrange all their promotion themselves, with the help of their loyal friends. “We have a friend who designs our posters, and when we get them we print them off, plaster them everywhere (going to schools, music stores, etc.),” says Falls. They have also been avidly involved with helping arrange shows and promoting for “away” bands to play in Charlottetown.

June has been a great month for Birmingham—playing with Silverstein in the middle of the month, putting the show together and getting their name out there to promote their up-coming summer tour. “It’s been great working with the boys. Our newer stuff is sounding great. Recordings are being mastered and I couldn’t feel better about Birmingham. Everything is falling into place, like our tour this summer. It’s gonna be a summer to remember,” states Moore

The future is looking bright for Birmingham. Their website is launched, their merch is on the way, a central Canada to East coast tour is in the works, a CD release is planned…

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