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Talking Bands

by Lindsay Arsenault

Double Ought Buckshot

For the past two years, Dan Currie (guitar and vocals), Nick Currie (guitar and vocals), Craig MacPherson ( bass guitar) and Roger Carter (drums) have been merging their talents in the “straight out rock” band Double Ought Buckshot. They are influenced by many different types of music including ’70s rock & roll, hardcore rock, country and alternative rock. They bring all of these different influences together to form an incredible rock band.

“Double ought buckshot” is a particular size of shot commonly used in shotgun shells for hunting. The band are not out for killing deer any time soon, but they are out for a killer show.

On and off for the past two years, becoming more serious over the past year, the boys have been working on a bunch of songs to help promote Dan’s solo CD after his former band (Eyes for Telescopes) had split. They have been friends forever and get along well (Dan and Nick are brothers) so it seemed easy to form a band. There was no tension when working together, so they figured it made sense to start Double Ought Buckshot. Band members say the everyone is completely open with ideas, and they are all great friends outside of the band. “Everyone knows where they stand and we flow together well. Each and every one of us are always open to suggestions,” explains Dan.

“There is that brother energy between Dan and I, a certain closeness and rivalry to feed off each other that just works with us. The fact that we get along so great with Craig and Roger just makes sense to have fun…we just fit together well,” says Nick of the chemistry of the band.

A big influence of the band is singer-songwriter David Allen Coe, a musical outlaw who at one time had teamed up with another one of Double Ought Buckshot’s influences, Hank Williams. A lot of the band’s songs are about life itself, hanging out in bars and booze…much like David Allen Coe.

The guys wanted to be musicians ever since they could remember. “We were always dressing up as different musicians as kids, like going out for halloween dressed up as the members of Kiss,” says Dan. “My first cassette tape that I bought was Black Sabbath when I was just four years old,” adds Nick.

Double Ought Buckshot are currently recording their first CD, working with close friends of theirs who also worked with Dan and the members of Eyes for Telescopes and on his solo CD. The CD has yet to be titled but they plan to have it out by Christmas. They are also planning on touring next summer throughout Ontario and Eastern Canada once their CD is out. Another goal for the band is getting their music played on rock radio. They presently play at bars such as Baba’s and upcoming shows are in the works for Hunter’s Ale House and Myron’s.

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