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Talking Bands

by Lindsay Arsenault

Jacob MacEachern, Alex Douglas, Adam Stanley, Kyle Gallagher, Mark Duffy

.Chara. members are not strangers to the PEI music scene. Although they have only been together since October of ’04, Adam Stanley (bass), Alex Douglas (vocals), Jacob MacEachern (guitar), Kyle Gallagher (guitar) and Mark Duffy (drums) have been involved in the scene in one way or another. The birth of .chara. began with the boys jamming frequently. Now they bring a large fan base to PEI shows.

For the past two years, .chara. have been working hard—writing, recording, promoting and playing shows. In December of 2004, the band released a five-song, self-titled demo, and another EP entitled A Fist Fight in a Shark Tank. The band also does a lot of their own promotion through posters, their website ( and word of mouth.

Label .chara. what you will, whether it be indie rock, emo core, or rock and roll fusion, it is all rock and roll for .chara., and they are determind to bring this to their fans. Influenced by everything from the ‘Old School Metal’ sounds of Iron Maiden to the melodic sounds of Coheed and Cambria, their songs appeal to all ages. “We turned up the metal, and turned down the guitar,” jokes Stanley.

“We write about everything and anything that is going on at the time. Everything from poetry to religion, from every aspect of life. Although our song titles never reflect on the song, the titles are usually chaotic and never make sense,” explains Douglas.

“We listen to everything,” explains Gallagher. “We just do not want to fade out, so we keep finding ways to change our sound without changing who we are as a band.”

.Chara. explained that they listen to music all the time. “Although it sounds cliche,” explains MacEachern, “We don’t do anything where music is not involved. It is hard to get noticed but we have so much fun playing even when we hate each other.”

.Chara. promises that there will “always be something fresh, as long as there is support for the local scene.” The band has many plans for the future including touring in the spring, getting into the studio again and playing as many shows as they possibly can. With the speed they are going I’m positive that we will be hearing more and more from the redislocated/melodic metal band .chara.

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