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by DJ RoseBrett Doyle—aka Flycore

Flycore has been a pillar of the Island’s electronic music scene for years. Whether entertaining crowds week after week as a club DJ, or hosting and highlighting after-hours dance events, he has inspired many others to step up to the turntables.

Brett Doyle saw the inside of a DJ booth for the first time when he was twelve. He was fascinated by his older brother’s occupation as a DJ in a local club, and asked if he could tag along sometime. It wasn’t long before he bought his own mixer and some equipment and started playing around. His hobby quickly turned into something more when people began asking him to DJ for pep rallies and school dances.

At the age of fourteen, Brett realized that he could run a profitable business with the resources and knowledge that he had acquired, and he started his own music service called x-treme productions. After a few years he was exposed to club life and started DJing at a local bar. He honed his skills, expanded his collection of club and underground dance music, and began incorporating original works created with various software and Roland hardware into his mixes.

While selling snowboards at Outer Limit Sports during the days, Brett started promoting himself under the DJ name “Flycore,” a dynamic pseudonym that actually refers to a material used in the production of snowboards. He started DJing off-Island in places like Antigonish, Moncton, Halifax, Fredericton, Montreal and Boston; one of his mixes even received air time on Yugoslavia’s national radio station.

Flycore began to notice that many clubs were running in a new way, and that most of the people that were hiring him were production companies rather than bar owners themselves. Bar owners were starting to look at their establishments differently and trying to understand the new breed of club-goers. Hiring outside production agencies with current knowledge of music, lighting, sound and DJs made sense.

Several years ago, Flycore and his business partner Richard developed Flavour Productions based on this concept. “Every Friday and Saturday night we transform the Sport Page, a mild-mannered sports-bar by day, into an electric playground for college and university students.” The team’s extensive experience helps them to add a special creative flair to the club, and as resident DJ, Flycore knows what he needs to do to ensure people enjoy their experience.

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