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Talking Bands

by Marianne Dowling

Officer Girl

For rock upstarts Officer Girl, the philosophy seems to be the band that stays together, plays together.

While three of the five musicians have played in bands together since junior high, it’s been in more recently that Stephen Mac Isaac, (vocalist) Jon Stubbs, (bass) Adam Gallant, Luke Macdonald (guitars) and Andrew Bardauskas (drums) have really gotten to know each other as both band mates and roommates while creating their eclectic sound.

“Everyone has a lot of input into the song writing process and a lot of different styles come in that way because we’re so differently influenced,” says Bardauskas.

“We share a room to make it work,” says Gallant.

The songs on the band’s four track EP, as well as the ones for their upcoming full length CD include everything from folk to metal, rock to pop. Influences include everything from Sparta to Jamiroquai. It was all written, practiced, produced, and recorded in the living room of the band’s three-bedroom house.

The guys, who claim their band name stems from a “run-in with the cops,” spend a lot of time together making their own music as well as recording demos for other bands.

All the time spent in close quarters seems to be working for the band creatively. They say working, living, and playing music together isn’t stifling at all, but in fact, this familiarity helps them write better music.

“The more comfortable you are with the people in your band, the more I think you’ll get done,” says Bardauskas. “If you’re hanging out with someone everyday you can say ‘no, that part sucks—re-write it, do it over again.’”

The music that came out of these sessions has been hard for the band to define.

“A lot of our songs are fairly different. Some are kind of poppier than others and some are more complex and hard to grasp,” says Stubbs.

“We’re all over the board, really,” says Bardauskas.

Like so many Indie bands, fitting into a genre isn’t something they are going to spend a lot of time working on. Officer Girl prefer to say they are just a rock band—no matter what style they play or how many unconventional elements they bring to the songs. Just as long as they like how it sounds, they’ll play it.

“If we write a song and it turns out to be catchier than the rest of them, then that’s a bonus,” says Bardauskas.

One definite bonus has been the extra exposure they received after opening for their pals in Mars Hill last April. The place was packed, the energy was high and Officer Girl want more.

“As long as people are into the music, then that’s all you can really ask for,” says Bardauskas.

This is Marianne’s last installment of Talking Bands—she is moving on. Thanks from The Buzz—Editor.


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