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Kinda Kultural

by Lindsay Kyte

This month's theme is "things you can do anytime in PEI." I became a pseudo-tourist and tried to appreciate some great on-going events in PEI. Without having to spring for a Confederation Bridge coffee mug.

I went on a sleigh ride at Potts' farm in Bonshaw. The evening was beautiful---mild and dusky sunset-y. We waited in a room decorated with old farm gear and wooden wheels and a cast-iron wood stove. I felt like I had been transported back fifty years to a time before DVD and dot com. The two big horses trotted up with bells like windchimes, pulling a sleigh with an older man perched on a pillow. The ride was fresh and peaceful, through these wonderful trails, and a big white dog named Piggy supervised from beside the sleigh. It was so relaxing to be away from noise and concrete and commercials. After the ride, which was about 45 minutes, we were served delicious real hot chocolate. We left warm, rosy-cheeked and happy. All of this for only $4 each.

Next, I went to look at a piece in the Confederation Centre Art Gallery that has been described to me countless times as having "been there forever." It's the piece at the top of the stairs that consists of solidly coloured pieces of wood hung from the ceiling. It's called "Song of the Nations" by Armand Vaillancourt. So I sat and looked at it for about 20 minutes. I was struck by how much fun it must have been to make. Just slap some house paint from Home Hardware on some wood. Don't worry about shading or detail. Just get nice and dirty. Like finger painting. Then I thought how the different colours were like the different races within Canada. And each colour was like a note in a song. Colours have vibrations, just like sound. And each branch, if you run your eyes from top to bottom, is like a movement within a musical piece, curving and going off into different directions, but still part of the piece. Aptly titled, I thought, after I studied it for a bit.

And finally, I went to City Cinema to see O Brother Where Art Thou? Every time I go to City Cinema, I wonder why I don't go more often. It's very cheap-$5 a movie for a member. (A student membership is $16). That's about the price of renting a movie these days. Most films I've seen there have been highly entertaining, well-written and well-acted. They seem to be about stories and plots and characters, instead of special effects and star power. O Brother Where Art Thou? did have stars (George Clooney), but it was nothing like the latest Hollywood natural disaster flick. It was a simple, comic story about three escaped prisoners and their adventures in pursuing treasure. The best part about City Cinema: you can get popcorn without butter!

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