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by Lindsay Kyte

The Rude Mechanicals will be dressing up in plastic vegetables no more. “We broke up on January 6,” says Dennis Ellsworth, lead singer of the PEI band. “I guess you could say the reason was ‘creative differences.’ I was writing a lot of my own songs and we had only come up with one song as a band in quite a while. It was getting hard to work on new material in the rehearsal space as it seemed some people weren’t into it as much.”

Ellsworth says the band had simply run its course: “My songs were being pulled through this format machine we had as a band to write songs. I had tons of songs that were my own that I didn’t want to put in that format.”

However, though the Rudes may be no more, most of its members will still be heavily involved in the music scene. Ellsworth is currently recording a solo cd with the help of bandmates Mike Mella and Matt McQuaid. As well, the three are part of a new band called The Little Pilgrims.

“The Little Pilgrims was a project we had going on the side and it’s now moved into top priority,” says Ellsworth. “It started as a way to get out and get your music pleasure again while doing the hard work of the Rude Mechanicals. It’s still a band composed of East Coasters (other members include James Hicken, Mike Daley and Sheldon Kelly, with occasional performances by Todd MacLean). It’s similar to the Rudes in style, but definitely more relaxed and a lot easier to get things done.”

As well, Ellsworth says bandmate Todd MacLean, who is moving back to PEI, may get involved with the music scene on the Island again.

Overall, Ellsworth says he is pleased with what the Rudes have done and who they have been to their fans: “Some of the university students will remember our theme nights. Stuff like ‘Pyjama Night’ or ‘Crazy Hair Night’ or ‘Who’s Your Favourite Olympian Night.’” Ellsworth says what the Rude Mechanicals will remember from those nights is that Peter Forbes never had a costume: “He looked like a goofball by not having a costume. And it’s pretty hard to look like a goofball next to someone with plastic vegetables in their hair.”

Ellsworth says the band achieved all of its goals, took risks and played hard. And it was rewarded with the loyalty of its fans: “Some people might remember the ECMAs in Charlottetown when we played four one-hour sets at four different venues in one night. And at four in the morning, the place was jam packed to see us. That was pretty nice.”

The Little Pilgrims will be releasing an EP in March. Visit their website at to listen to samples of their music. The Little Pilgrims are also hoping to play some Island venues sometime this summer.

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