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Andrew Rollins hosts Music Trivia at Hunter’s Ale House

by Christian Ledwell

Andrew RollinsSunday night Music Trivia at Hunter’s Ale House celebrated its second anniversary this September, and host Andrew Rollins sees no end in sight for the weekly event.

Trying to express the extent of his music fanaticism in as humble a way as possible, Rollins opts to let his music collection speak for itself. The collection covers approximately sixty square feet of his and his wife’s bedroom wall, and Rollins estimates the number of records to be between three and four thousand. Though he admits “it’s hard to navigate,” the collection accommodates Rollins’ diverse musical tastes which he has refined through various jobs selling records at RecordOnWheels, Radioland, and currently in the music section of Futureshop.

Rollins began hosting Music Trivia at Hunter’s after responding to an online advertisement, and hosted his first night with nothing more than a boombox and a microphone, which he held up to the speakers to make the songs audible.

As the technology for amplifying music has become more sophisticated (he now runs mp3’s through the Hunter’s soundsystem), so has his promotion of the event,with advertising through internet communities such as,, and Facebook. Having studied graphic design at Holland College, Rollins designs a distinctive new poster each week incorporating often humorous music-related images.

Music Trivia’s format begins with two rounds of song-name and artist identification, followed by another round of general knowledge questions such as biographical information or identifying solos and backwards songs. The rounds are broken up by a Beer Question—a guess costs a quarter and a right answer wins a free beer.

Rollins attempts to accommodate the eclectic mix of musical knowledge held by Trivia attendees, playing music from many different genres. He assures, “I’ll throw in one country song, at least.” Rollins acknowledges that the internet has broadened people’s exposure to different music, and that finding common ground can be difficult. He says, “Before the digital age, there wasn’t the same search [for new music].”

Rollins hopes for Music Trivia to allow participants both to reminisce about songs they have forgotten and to be exposed to unfamiliar songs and artists. Internet downloading has at least made it possible for Rollins to include some popular music that he admits is part of the collective experience of music, such as “the ‘Mambo #5’s, and stuff that I wouldn’t touch with my own money.”

Recognition of Rollins’ work over the last two years is visible on the Hunter’s Ale House menu, with the club sandwich and fried dill pickles platter proudly bearing the name ‘The Andrew Rollins.’

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