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Talking Bands
by Darcy Cudmore

Ultrasuede—Andre Uyterlinde, Josh Kilbride, Evan Ceretti, Vaughn Murphy Prepare to be overwhelmed by the sweet sounds of electronic funk with the new Island band, Ultrasuede.

Andre Uyterlinde (vocals and samples), Vaughn Murphy (vocals and keys), Evan Ceretti (guitar) and Josh Kilbride (bass) have joined forces to create this new group, and they’re all about the live show, said Ceretti. “One of our main goals is to make people dance. We want people to get on the dance floor and get freaky.” They have played a few shows already, and are excited to get back at it on August 8 at Baba’s Lounge. “People can expect to dance to our funky tunes that have a hint of new disco,” said Murphy. “Fun, upbeat songs, creative lyrics and catchy riffs make up our sound.”

All four members have played in previous bands and come from musical backgrounds. They say Ultrasuede draws influence from acts like Talking Heads, Parcels and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

So far, the band’s sound has been well received, which Murphy says is encouraging. “We’re always looking for ways to improve our shows, songs and performances. Having played in various rock and alternative bands, we’re now looking to make a splash in the Atlantic dance scene.”

In the nearest future, the foursome hope to play often, says Ceretti. “We’re excited about playing new shows over the next few months, and we hope to get more involved in the Maritime music scene. We’re going to continue working on making our live sets as fun as possible and bringing a little weirdness to the shows.”

The band plans to record an EP in the fall with the material they have already written, including a song titled “Relapse,” which they are shooting a video for in August. “Relapse has this groovy, soothing bass line,” said Ceretti. “It’s mixed with a funky rhythm guitar, catchy synth leads, sing-along vocals and some samples.” The song is available for listen on the official Ultrasuede Facebook page.

Want a taste of the Ultrasuede sound? Go to and


This is Darcy Cudmore’s last Talking Bands column as he has relocated to Ottawa to pursue future greatness and success. Thanks Darcy for all the great contributions over the past few years. 


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