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Genevieve Loughlin promotes wellness

The New Creative
by Cassandra Bernard

Genevieve Loughlin (photo: Marcia Peters)While the use of essential oils is an age-old holistic tradition, these potent oils are becoming more and more mainstream. With multiple uses and various health benefits, these oils can be used for just about any health ailment and wellness need.

Essential oils are natural, heavily-concentrated oils from plants such as trees, roots, flowers, seeds and shrubs. Years ago, you could go to an aromatherapist, but with the rise of natural essential oils on the market, you can now support yourself in your own home or on the run. They can be diffused in the air, applied topically to the skin, or, if FDA approved, ingested internally.

Genevieve Loughlin, a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA Essential Oils, essential oils educator, and a yoga instructor in Charlottetown, says that the use of essentials oils has helped her and her family’s mental wellbeing in more ways than she can describe, and she is proud to use her business platform to share her knowledge and experience with the oils.

After struggling to become pregnant for years, she was able to conceive twice through IFV. Loughlin found both pregnancies stressful, and she was very anxious. Her oldest son, Roark, is now five years old and has global development delays and is non-verbal.

Loughlin was introduced to essential oils in 2015 during her second pregnancy. After a lot of research, she began incorporating essential oils into her every-day rituals and routines for her and her sons. “Every day since I got my kit I have used my oils to support my wellbeing,” says Loughlin. However, she stresses that everybody reacts different to different oils, and they are used in combination with everything else she and her family does to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle, including any necessary medical supports for Roark. “I do better in the world when I have those little things, my ritual. Taking time for yourself, 30 seconds, to do something that makes you feel good,” she explains.

For her, she was struggling with sleeping at night and what really helped her was pairing her favourite oils with her normal bedtime routine. “Diffusing them when I went to bed, or rubbing them on my feet,” Loughlin says. Roark also has his favourite oils for bedtime and for when he gets over stimulated. “The essential oils bring the world to him. That’s what attracted me to them, the sense of smell. You’re smelling something that you really like, it can really lift your mood.”

Some of the most popular ways to use essential oils to support mental and physical wellbeing include using lavender to calm the nervous system; orange essential oil can reduce cortisol levels in the brain and is a great scent to wake up to in the morning; using eucalyptus or peppermint to open the air ways, allowing you to take a deeper breath while on a run or practicing yoga, or rubbing the oils on sore, stiff muscles; and even adding drops of lemon and lime oils to your water as flavouring.

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