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Island Imagemakers
by Dave Stewart

Jeremy Larter at work turning something small into something big (photo: Dave Stewart)One day before The Buzz deadline. Two new messages in my Facebook inbox. One is from Jeremy Larter, responding to my filmmaker Q&A. It goes like this:

Dave: How would you describe yourself as a filmmaker?

Jeremy: A work in progress. I’d like to keep learning my craft to the point where I feel like I can tackle any type of film. I love making comedies, but my interests as a filmmaker lie outside that genre.

Dave: People on the Island really became aware of you from Profile PEI. What was your filmmaking background before that?

Jeremy: I started making short films with classmates in high school. I took workshops and university courses in film history. I moved to Toronto in 2003 and studied acting, and then graduated from the post-graduate film program at Sheridan College in 2005. I moved back to PEI and kept shooting footage on my own. I was teaching myself how to edit and made about a dozen short films between college and Profile PEI. I have been a member of The Island Media Arts Co-op for a number of years. It is a great resource for anybody interested in filmmaking.

Dave: How has your filmmaking changed since then?

Jeremy: One of the most challenging things to learn as a filmmaker is how to tell a comprehensible story. It is something that we take for granted when we watch professionally made TV and films. I think I’m better able to do that now.

Dave: Any movie making role models?

Jeremy: Spike Jonze. I would love to have the type of career he has had. He started out making skate boarding videos, then music videos, and then great feature films. Paul Thomas Anderson, Alexander Payne and Hal Ashby are other directors I admire.

Dave: Which of your projects best reflects what you’d like people to see from you? Why?

Jeremy: Profile PEI. It appealed to a lot of different people all over the place. I still get messages from people who are discovering it for the first time and how much they enjoy it. We were really ambitious, and were fortunate to have a dedicated team of people pulling it off week after week.

Dave: Tell me about your new web series…

Jeremy: Well, we haven’t completely settled on a name yet but the working title is Ponderings. The videos focus on two unnamed characters played by myself and Robbie Moses. Most videos will begin with a question. Robbie and I will be in a different location every time. Each video will run between a minute and half and two and half minutes. The subject matter we talk about will range from evolution, the universe, attractiveness, the importance of thrusting in sexual intercourse, cat penises, life after death, musical tastes, the meaning of life, etc. There will be guest characters coming in during certain episodes as well. You can find Ponderings at We will release one episode in May to give people a taste, and then weekly episodes will be released in June.

Dave: What’s next?

Jeremy: I’m working on two feature film scripts. There is another web series in the works called 3 Bass Players and it is almost written. We’ll keep posting new short films between web projects at

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