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Island Image Makers
by Dave Stewart

Starving artist Adam PerryAdam Perry is part of a small but choice group of PEI filmmakers I first became aware of about 5 years ago. They were (are) all making interesting, mostly short flicks that reflected PEI with a more wide-reaching sense of humour. Recently, Adam worked with Chef Michael Smith and the Culinary Alliance of Prince Edward Island to create “Food Country,” a web series showcasing Island eats. Adam is also the man behind Jiggers; to my way of thinking, it’s one of the ultimate Island films. With this CV, how could I not want to know more about Adam, so I had to ask:

Dave: What got you into film making?

Adam: Watching movies, of course. I’ve always loved stories, characters, and photography. Filmmaking was a natural step for me.

Dave: How would you describe yourself as a filmmaker?

Adam: Tough question. One word that gets thrown around a lot is “quirky,” but that usually pertains to my work. I’m just a guy with an odd sense of humor that is fortunate enough to be surrounded by some really talented people that like to work for peanuts and credits.

Dave: How has PEI influenced you as a filmmaker?

Adam: It’s given me some beautiful locations to exploit and some of the most colorful characters to draw upon when creating fictional ones.

Dave: Which of your projects would you most like people to see? Why?

Adam: Without a doubt, Zapped! A 30-minute action movie I made years ago with no money and a borrowed camera. The picture and sound quality are terrible, but it taught me a lot about the process and the end product is an adventure I’d love to revisit someday. No one saw it, but it’s floating around the dark voids of Youtube somewhere.

Dave: Where can we see your stuff?

Adam: For those of you that want to type out these links the old fashioned way:

Food Country:



I also have some music videos and short films online here:

Dave: What’s next for you?

Adam: Supper and then probably some Wii.

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