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Royal Winnipeg Ballet auditions

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AVC open house

The Atlantic Veterinary College's 30th annual Open House will take place September 29 from 10 am–2 [ ... ]

Island Image Makers
by Dave Stewart

On the set of Racoon Bandit’s “Hat” video directed by Adam Perry. (photo: Mille Clarkes)With the ECMAs taking place here on PEI this month, it seemed fitting for Island Image Makers to get all music-like and focus on Island music videos. I asked some of the folks who’d previously been the subject of an Island Image Maker profile for their picks for favourite PEI music videos. Here’s what some of them had to say:

Peter G. Murphy: Racoon Bandit – Hat. ‘Cause it’s got Johnny Mack in it.

Adam Perry: Two Hours Traffic – Territory, directed by Jeremy Larter. The most controversial PEI music video ever made. So controversial it was never released and no one saw it save a handful of people. THT goes for a jog with Dennis Trainor. Need I say more?

Millefiore Clarkes: How ’bout Boxer the Horse – Bad Apples – beautifully shot by PEI’s best cinematographer (in my opinion) – Ray Lavers – directed by up and coming director Gavin Keen (who has a keen eye). Richie Mitchell has done some good work also – Treaty Connector by The Danks – shot at the Montague Elementary School… and by the way…I was one of the few to see the THT music video for Territory (I was on B camera for the shoot) and it is/was a damn brilliant video. Minor tragedy that the band/band manager put the kybosh on it. Alas.

Jeremy Larter: In no particular order: Racoon Bandit – Hat directed by Adam Perry. A simple and perfectly realized concept. Boxer the Horse – Bad Apples directed by Gavin Keen. The video has great energy and is beautiful to look at. Smothered in Hugs – Passmore Radio directed by Mille Clarkes. Some of the best live performance footage I’ve seen. Great editing. Two Hours Traffic – Happiness Burns directed by Richie Mitchell. Slick, nice photography, captures what it feels like to be a kid and defend your fort in the woods. Nudie and the Turks – Dear Departed directed by Mille Clarkes and Joey Weale. Highly underrated video by Mille and Joey. I don’t know if Mille likes it but I think it has a wonderful atmosphere with the gritty black and white 16mm film stock.

All these videos are worthy of your time. Look for other videos by Island musicians there including The Living End, the video that Sketch-22’s Rob MacDonald and I slammed together for our “ponk” (pop-punk) duo Chimp with essential assistance from Jason Rogerson; in it, you’ll see a Charlottetown that doesn’t exist anymore. Rob’s also got some videos on YouTube as Moe Gorman, so give that a search to discover an Island tradition of publicly denouncing in song those who’ve done you wrong.







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