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Retail Tales
by Alana Sprague

"Oh no!" “Say it isn’t so". “It can’t possibly be". “Where did the summer go?" “Back to school already?!" I’m sure this is the reaction most parents are hearing this time of year. It is time again for the kiddies to return to their classrooms to continue feeding their brains with knowledge. This is one of my favorite times of year to get out there and take in the bargains. Here is your “Back to School 101" guide to what’s new and hip for those returning to the classroom.

Many of the summer styles are moving into the fall for those girls heading back to class. Flowing tops with empire wastes are still big, paired with the skinny jeans, for those of us blessed enough to be able to wear them, or leggings which are still packing an impressive comeback. Feminine dresses are also in this fall. Keep them light and airy but don’t be afraid to mix it up by using a belt to make it a little more form fitting. Unlike this past summer you want to try and keep your dresses around knee length in lieu of the minis we have been seeing. You will see the “Rocker" style back this season but aimed less toward dark colors and skull and crossbones and more toward classic glamour rock. Don’t be afraid to bring out the inner rock chick in you. Shoes, we can’t get out of here without talking about shoes. Ballet flats are still out there with a vengeance but look for them to have more variance this season from patent leather to canvas. Also look for sneakers to have more of an impact in terms of color and design. As for jewelry, embellish this school year and go for great jewel tones like turquoise and jade.

Don’t worry boys, I haven’t forgotten about you. For those boys in your life heading back there is just as much out there for you as your female counterpart. Rocker styles are big for you as well with great printed T’s and denims. There is talk of acid washed jeans but that’s just too scary to think about! Back in my school days it was called “preppy" but I’m not sure what it’s called now. Regardless, it’s in fashion! Khakis with polo shirts or light button down shirts are a must. Keep the button-down shirt casual by pairing it with solid colored T’s with just the first few buttons undone. As for shoes, the slip-ons are back and similar to the girls ballet flats range from leather to canvas. Also sneakers for the boys are bolder than ever. Look for bold color combinations and unusual closures.

I remember back in the day when everyone looked forward to those great back to school sales that every store had, large signs advertising the amazing deals just beyond the entrance. Well I made a trip to the mall for just this reason only to discover that the “back to school" sales of yore no longer exist. But don’t fret, every retail store I went into had some sort of end of the season sale so there is still a chance that when you hit the mall with your children to get their back to school wares or if you are just shopping for yourself, you will find that bargain you’ve been waiting the whole summer for. I know I did!

Before you leave the house for the grand back-to-school shopping excursion, make an agreement with your child that he/she can pick our a few special items for the new school year. This will ensure that you will get to pick out some things you feel they need, but will still allow them to pick things that will make them feel comfortable and confident.

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