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Trio of tenors to perform Valentine’s Day in Summerside

by Michelle René Sexton

Men of RomanzaValentine’s Day is all about passion, music and love. Combining classical opera and traditional ballads, an artistic group of three handsome men will serenade an audience on February 13 at Harbourfront Theatre, Summerside. Philip Grant, Todd Jang, and Frederik Robert created the group Romanza a few years ago after auditioning for another show, then deciding they could do their own. Success has since followed.

Philip is known for his rich tone and dedicates himself to the passion of music. His talent has propelled him to more than a dozen lead vocals, and has taken him across Canada, U.S., Mexico, and Italy. “I’ve been singing for ten years. I didn’t know I wanted to sing, but I wanted to explore it. What was the worse that could happen? I went for my potential and am reaching it,” replied Philip in a phone interview.

Todd Jang, originally from Liverpool England, met Philip while attending university. Todd also puts commitment into music, and his creative energy has another dedication. Todd holds a Chef diploma from one of Canada’s top culinary schools. He too has performed all over Canada in a variety of musical genres, including classical opera, jazz, rock, and hip-hop.

The third member is Frederik Robert. He also adds a myriad of styles to the groups repertoire. His talents range from performing classical opera, oratorio, recital work, musical theatre, to hip-hop. When the three are on stage the show comes alive with energy. “We approach each show the same. We know what to do, and we have fun entertaining our audience. We sing classical opera, musical theatre, and pop fused with classical techniques. Our style is classical crossover. We want music to be accessible to everyone,” explained Philip.

They expect the show to be successful and to give the audience what it wants. They respect the music, but they also joke and laugh at themselves. “We get along well. We laugh, work and travel together. We carry it on stage and share stories with our audience,” said Philip. Their goal is simple and straight forward. “As long as it’s fun, we’ll do it. Once it loses the fun we’ll stop and pursue something else, but right now we’re having a great time,” says Philip.

The work is grueling but it’s a labour of love. Ninety percent is work done off stage, with ten percent spent actually performing. “Once we’re on stage it’s like being on vacation…the reward for our hard work,” laughed Philip.

When asked about rituals before going on stage, Philip chuckled and said, “No rituals, no commotion. We’re loose and relaxed back stage. We do give each other space to mentally prepare. Sometimes I’ll read a book before going on stage.”

All one has to do is listen to the richness and inspiring harmony of this group’s music. The sensuality of their tenor sound forces you to close your eyes and imagine you are in love.

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