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by Michelle René Sexton

Change is good. When asked what’s changed since moving the location of the Heritage Pub, owner, Denton Gardner simply replied, “everything.” The transformation is also obvious to everyone who’s been from the old pub to the new pub, and feedback is positive. The most expressed comment was, “it’s not in that dungeon anymore.” Everything about the pub has changed; large windows in front, more light all around, colour on the walls, and there’s an elevated stage for the live bands to stretch out on.

For the restaurant, breakfast served on weekends will start on Wednesday, and the dinner menu has added a few more items. “We turn tables three times as much now that we have more exposure on the main drag,” replied manager, Derek Thompson. The restaurant is also very kid-friendly with crayons, paper, and even a toy box. When asked about the food one patron mentioned being disappointed she was late for breakfast and had to eat lunch instead, but declared it was a “great lunch.” Other patrons replied with the same response about how good the food is.

The atmosphere on weekends is all about dancing and having fun—a mixed crowd listens to a DJ play music on Fridays and the dance floor is full, but the energy is extra charged on Saturday when the pub invites live bands to rock the terra cotta walls wild. The live band is the focal point on a main stage higher and bigger than the previous. Patrons as far as Tignish come down to hear music and dance. “The liveliness of the band makes us want to rock out,” said one girl. “Yeah, but the dance floor could be bigger. We all kinda bump into each other,” giggled another. Laughter and constant talking between friends echo through the larger bar, and breathing room is abundant compared to what it used to be. And the bar is open everyday: Monday, Tuesday and Sunday until midnight, and Wednesday-Saturday until 2am, so check it out and have fun.

When asked what other changes will be made to the pub, Denton said, “We’re going to add a sports bar upstairs that will sit sixty to seventy people, a patio, and who knows what else.”

So, whether you want a great meal or a fun night out the Heritage Pub offers what you are looking for. Oh, and bring the kids.

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