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Talking Bands
by Luke Arbuckle

John Cain Band (photo: Luke Arbuckle)It’s common for seasoned musicians to meet at public events and spontaneous jams are par for the course. Every once in a while, those musicians click and a whole new sound is born. Some might call it fate, others circumstance, good chemistry or vibes. PEI can call it the John Cain Band.

Veterans to the Island music scene, the band formed in November after an impromptu gig aligned the stars and brought the guys together. John Cain is on guitar and vocals, Walter Reilly is on the drums, David (Davie G) Garbus plays bass, and Neil Knudson rounds out the band’s sound with trumpet, vocals and guitar.

Although new to the scene, the band is bringing a unique history and passion to venues across the Island. Walter and Davie G have been close friends for 40 years and have made a point of jamming together regularly for just as long. It’s a closeness that can be heard in their music. “Our music is the undertone of our friendship,” says Walter. “We’ve been playing together for a lot of years and I think we’ve found something pretty awesome here.”

With a shared love for R&B, blues, and dance music, the band strives to mix genres and creates their sound by drawing on a large variety of influences. “We play things people might recognize, but we pride ourselves on being tight-knit and practiced,” says Neil, who transcribes the band’s ideas into specific parts and intricate riffs. “We’re all about the music, playing it, and making people move, we’re new, but already proud of how we sound and where we’re headed.”

John said in addition to the weekly gigs they’ve landed at Red’s Corner in Pooles Corner or the Haviland Club in Charlottetown, the band hopes to do some off-Island touring and maybe play a festival or two.

“I think we’ve really hit the ground running,” said John. “We know what we want to sound like and love to play, so rehearsing is something we’re all used to. That helps a lot and I think that cohesion can be heard in our music. We each bring a fair bit of talent and a lot of experience to the table.”

Davie G agreed and said it’s their wide variety of musical influences that’s really helped them hone their sounds so quickly.  “We’ve all been inspired by the music we love, and that leaves a lasting impression on musicians. Initially, we thought that because we all have a history with the Blues, that would be what we play, but it’s proven not to be the case,” he said.

“We’re an R&B band with strong roots from multiple genres, but most of all, we just love to play music and give people something to dance about.”

The John Cain Band plans to start recording their first EP in the near future and will be hosting Blues Nights at Pooles Corner and in Charlottetown on a regular basis. The band will also host a “Dance Your Pants Off Event” on March 27, from 9 pm to 12 am at the Haviland Club. Check out this month’s Live Music section of The Buzz for more.

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