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Another Comic Con

by Troy Little

Troy Little at Comic ConBack in July of this year, my wife Brenda and I made the pilgrimage to San Diego for the 2013 Comic Con (SDCC for short). This annual event has become the Mecca for all things pop culture. Once upon a time it was all about comic books but has since expanded exponentially to include video games, toys, blockbuster film / TV booths and exhibits peppered by over 140,000 fans, a good portion of which were in the best and worst cosplay has to offer.

I had two reasons for attending Comic Con this year: 1.) I was nominated for an Eisner Award (The “Oscars” of comics) for my newest book Angora Napkin: Harvest of Revenge and 2.) To promote my upcoming work as writer/artist on the Powerpuff Girls comic from IDW Publishing which was released in September.

That Friday night I had barely sat down at the Eisners Awards as my category “Best Lettering” was announced. As I expected I lost to Chris Ware for his book Building Stories. Basically, if you’re in the same category as Chris Ware, you’ve all ready lost (as a number of other people in various categories found out that night).

None the less, this was my second time nominated (the first in 2010 for the original Angora Napkin graphic novel) and it’s still a thrill to see my book up there with the big dogs and to get a chance to meet and chat with some of the best talent the comics medium has to offer.

The following days were spent enjoying beautiful San Diego, roaming the convention halls, hanging out with fellow comic creators, doing a few book signings and being part of the “IDW Kids” panel to showcase upcoming projects of which both Brenda and I are a part of (Brenda works on the My Little Pony comic series).

My deepest gratitude to the PEI Council of the Arts for their support in helping me attend this event and their continued support of my work in the graphic arts.

SoCal Geekdom

Island graphic novelist attends Comic Con in San Diego

by Troy Little

Comic Con, the annual Mecca for pop culture in North America took place in San Diego this past July. This hedonistic playground of geekdom was attended by over 140,000 people, of which I was one.

Once upon a time this event was much smaller and geared strictly towards comics but it’s now been by and large taken over by Hollywood, TV and video game marketers, catering to all genres of pop culture. While they may be somewhat obscured in this stew, comics are still the hub and core of this monolithic event.

Troy at book signingOver the next five days I managed a few book signings, did some shopping, stayed up very late and met a lot of really amazing people. Attending an event like this reminds you that you are not alone in what you do. It’s a community of artists, writers and creators from all over having a rare chance to leave the isolation of work and connect with like-minded people. It’s both challenging and humbling to see the vast caliber of talent out there.

Comic Con hosts the coveted Eisner Awards show, the comic book equivalent to the Oscars. It was for this event specifically that I made my pilgrimage (special thanks to the PEICA for their assistance in that regards). My graphic novel Angora Napkin was nominated with four others in the category “Best Publication for Teens”.

On Friday night I found myself in line at the bar prior to the award show with the most likely winner of the award, Jill Thompson, standing behind me. I turned to her and offered to buy her a drink if she agreed to give up the Eisner (she has a few all ready) to the new guy. She’s a fiery red head, a tough competitor and has a twisted sense of humor. We conspire to have the losers rush the stage and steal the Eisner from the winner.

Finally, the show begins. The casts from the “Scott Pilgrim” movie walk on stage to announce the first few categories and give out awards. The second award of the night was for my category and for a brief, thrilling moment I thought…. What if I win?

Hearing “… And the nominees are: Troy Little for ‘Angora Napkin’, IDW Publishing” and seeing my book projected on the big screen was a very surreal moment, one I never really expected to happen. I felt very happy. The second nomination was “Jill Thompson & Evan Dorkin for ‘Beasts of Burden’, Dark Horse Comics” and the place erupted in cheers and applause. I turned to my publisher, laughing and said, “Oh well, it was a good run.”

As expected Jill took the Eisner and no one rushed the stage. I can happily and honestly say, “It was an honour just to be nominated” now. Although things turned out as I thought I felt strangely challenged; I made it to the Eisners! I could do it again….

I had a great time at the after party and practically leapt out of bed the next morning after only 4 hours of sleep, fired up the hotel coffee maker and immediately starting inking pages from my next book. Jill Thompson watch out, it’s so on.

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