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Scaled-down film festival features PEI film and video projects

by Charissa Reeves

Patsy, one of the characters in Mille Clarkes documentary Stalking LoveIsland filmmakers who were disappointed that there was no festival last fall will have a chance to showcase their films at a smaller version of the Reel Island Film Festival (RIFF). The festival will be held at City Cinema February 20 -21 and will feature six hours of Island films with two awards available and an after-party at Brennan’s.

Fox Henderson, organizer and local film maker, said the festival is being called the Reel Island Film Festival mainly for continuity because people recognize the name. He wanted a place to show his work and other films he had been involved with. The owner of City Cinema agreed to rent the theatre for two nights. “It’s more like a showcase, because we’re not doing anything else,” said Henderson.

Pete Murphy, another local filmmaker helping with the festival said it’s all about the films. “We were making films before there were festivals, and we’ll be making films when there aren’t any festivals.”

There may be a few longer films but most will be under 15 minutes, said Henderson. “There’s nothing wrong with making a five-minute movie.”

Jason Alward, the web designer for Reel Island, said people were disappointed when there was no place to show films last year. “We have been getting a lot of response about people wanting to show their films.”

The cost to organize the festival so far is the $8 Henderson spent on posters asking for film submissions. Rental of the theatre will be paid through ticket sales.

We think there will be enough interest, especially because of the time of year, said Alward. “It’s an event too. You don’t pay to see a blockbuster, you’re going to see a creative work.”

There will be advanced ticket sales early on the days of the festival and tickets will also be available at the door on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Islanders support Island films, said Murphy. “After working the festival for a couple of years there was a big hullabaloo because people weren’t coming to see off-Island films.” “It didn’t seem people care like they do for Island films. They know someone who’s in it or made it,” said Henderson. “The Island’s small, the film festival’s small,” said Murphy.

Two awards will be given out after the festival by Nicole Balderson, she has made the awards for all of the previous festivals and each award is unique. The awards will be the viewers choice award, and the Shaye Reno memorial award for best first-time effort. For information go to, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Stalking Love screening

Stalking Love, a full-length documentary produced and directed by Millefiore Clarkes, will screen Tuesday, February 21 at 7 pm at City Cinema. The Reel Island Film Festival Awards Party will follow at the Kier Gallery.

This is the second local screening of Stalking Love. The documentary explores the state of love in the hearts and minds of a wide variety of individuals from across North America. It had its debut screening at the Kier Gallery in the spring of 2005. Since then it has screened at The Atlantic Film Festival and is under consideration to be turned into a television series by an independent producer in Halifax.

Millefiore Clarkes describes his film: “Stalking Love documents a journey that traverses the continent in search of something, anything, to do with love. From prostitutes to priests, the wealthy to the poor, the aging to the very young—there is no one who has nothing to say about love.”

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