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by Charissa Reeves

Scott Doyle, Curtis Klein, Tim Hamming, Matt MacKinnonThe Mystery System’s newest member, Curtis Klein, may have only joined the group this summer but his synthesizer played with the group two years ago at the 2005 Shoreline Festival.

“Essentially his synthesizer was in The Mystery System before he was,” said bassist Matt MacKinnon.

The idea for the name of the group originally came from the background of some music MacKinnon and guitarist­vocalist Tim Hamming were listening to while driving down the Bonshaw Road. The guys tossed the name around for awhile and laid it on the table for the other members of the band and found it fit, said MacKinnon

“It kind of to me, and I think to all of us, represented the fact that we didn’t really know how or why it all worked,” added Hamming.

“A lot of the song writing is really exploratory,” elaborated drummer and percussionist Scott Doyle.

The group which, has been together for about four years, has what MacKinnon calls an electro-rock-funk sound. While there is definitely alot of rock influence at the core, said Doyle, the group also brings in elements of dance and jam music. The group tries to start out with something familiar like a pop idea, said Hamming, and then incorporate other ideas.

“We definitely appreciate the energy the dance music brings,” said Doyle.

Klein joining the group has helped to drive the electronic sound home, said Hamming. “The electronic sound, it’s so modern and so relevant.”

MacKinnon said the group has brought in many different musicians to play on different songs and to jam at different shows. “So it’s not necessarily four members that make up The Mystery System—The Mystery System is what it takes.”

The group had already started laying down some bed tracks for an album and went into the studio at the end of August to start recording. MacKinnon said the group definitely has enough material for an EP but is hoping to shoot for a full length album.

While the group will be recording with Dave Skinner, many members of the band have some experience with recording equipment and hope to do some of it themselves, as well, said Doyle. “It’s sort of a fluid, organic process we’ll do whatever we can,” he said.

The group also hopes to use the album to add to its press kit, both for applying to awards such as the ECMAs and for sending to off-Island venues and festivals.

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