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Talking Bands

by Charissa Reeves

The 20,000 throw down in the fountain, from left: Brendan, Nick and DannyStarting off with just three members Charlottetown’s The 20,000 hopes to eventually turn the group into a seven or eight piece band. The group is writing as a three piece and will play as a three piece with room to add in horns, keyboards and percussion in the future, said drummer Danny Miles.

Trying to describe the groups sound brought up some interesting and cryptic answers from the members.

“If William Shatner played soccer this is the music he would listen too while he was playing,” said Miles.

“If Wayne Gretzky, Mike Tyson, Ben Marlow played in a Miles Davis cover band,” started bassist Brendan Hansen before trailing off as the other two came up with more ridiculous ways to describe the music the band plays.

Guitarist Nick Campbell said the sound is the opposite of evolution. “It’s kind of like when the first fish stepped out of the water onto land. It’s not like that at all. It’s the exact opposite, we’re going back into the water.”When the three stopped laughing the answers start to make a little more sense. “In all honesty it would be under the umbrella of rock, but it would be a little more dancy,” said Campbell.

“A little more jazzy,” adds Miles.

All three members not only write and sing the original music, but they also live together. “We have triple bunk beds,” jokes Miles. This helps add to the eclectic mixture of genres which goes into the songs, because each members is exposed to the other two members listening choices, said Campbell.

“It’s like a group hug on mushrooms,” said Miles.

The group played its first gig at a benefit for Robbie Fraser at the Cornwall Roadhouse with three other bands on May 26. The band is also scheduled to play at the Festival of Lights, though the time hasn’t been set yet.

Before forming the group Miles and Campbell played with Stride,Campbell with Slow Joey, and Hansen and Miles were in The Stolen Saints.

Apart from adding more instruments to the band, the group is also currently working on a demo recorded by Campbell, and hopes to soon start work on a full length album and hopes to tour this summer.

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