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Learn to Skate

Program registration now open The City of Charlottetown and go!PEI, through the Canadian Tire Jumps [ ... ]

PEI Genealogical Society meeting

The next public meeting of the PEI Genealogical Society will be held September 29 from 2–4 pm at B [ ... ]

Talking Bands

by Charissa Reeves

Left to right: Craig Abbot, J-Mike, Brandon Bowers, Charlie Chisholm holding Jakob PoirierCharlottetown’s current longest-running band on the all ages scene lives up to it’s name claim members of Cheer To Beers.

“We pretty much drink too much and contradict ourselves all the time,” said guitarist J-Mike, the self-proclaimed King of C-Town. While playing mainly for the all ages scene on the Island, their bar shows are most often in more punk-friendly venues off-Island according to singer Jakob Poirier.

This may change soon. The band’s first gig at the the Crazy Neighbor on March 10 went off without a hitch and offers hope of future shows. The band ripped it up to an audience full of mohawks, spiked and studded leather and jean jackets, and fans straining necks to sing along with Poirier as he leaned into the audience fist raised, mic in hand.

“Without the C-Town crew we would be nowhere,” J-Mike said.

“Yeah, big props to the C-Town crew, that’s our crew, that’s our army,” adds Poirier.

“That’s what made the band the band,” adds bassist Brandon Bowers.

The band has been around for about four years, changing it’s lineup over the time. The current lineup includes Poirier doing vocals, Craig Abbot on drums, J-Mike and Charlie Chisholm playing guitar, Bowers playing bass, and has been in play for about a year.

“We’ve broke up probably 100 times,” said J-Mike.

“But the next morning we get back together,” said Poirier.

“It’s a love hate relationship. Drunken escapades mostly,” said J-Mike.

“We love playing together but we hate being around each other,” laughs Bowers.

J-Mike and Bowers used to be in the bands First Class Disaster/Chaos 101. J-Mike and Chisholm were in Dickman. Chisholm was also in a band called Kevin Arnold. Poirier was in the group Insubordination out of Halifax. Poirier and Boweres are currently in a side-project group with a name too raunchy to print.

The band has big plans for the near future including a new album to be recorded in June, new merchandise,their own low-budget music video and a tour late this summer. “We’re not looking for any bullshit, we’re just looking for a good time. Alot of booze and a lot of good times is all we care about,” said Poirier.


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