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Talking Bands
by Charissa Reeves

Donald Younie, Brien McCarthy and Eli MacDougallAfter breaking down twice in six months in two different vehicles, on two different trips in the same community in Cape Breton, AnnaPilla doesn’t tour very often anymore.

On the first trip over band members Brien McCarthy, bass, Eli MacDougall, drums, and Donald Younie, guitar and vocals, were traveling into St. Peters with a guy whose parents know someone everywhere, said MacDougall. He found them a place to stay with a nice old couple, MacDougall said. “We slept in their basement and they fed us crackers and spam,” McCarthy said.

The second time, the band broke down about 20 minutes away from St. Peters and had to get a tow into the village, MacDougall said. “Brien hid in the back of the truck because we couldn’t fit anymore people in the tow truck.” MacDougall said the band asked if the members could ride in their own truck, but were of course told no. “Meanwhile I’m in the back underneath guitars and blankets,” said McCarthy. Once in town the band called up the same old couple again. “They said come back if you ever get broke down again,” said McCarthy. “When we got up the next morning they made us these huge six-inch subs with like five different kinds of meat on them and sent us on our way,” MacDougall said.

The band has been together for about five years and started out as a four piece band, then slimmed down to three, said MacDougall. “Then we beefed up to four, then we slimmed down to three again,” said Younie. MacDougall said it all began with him and McCarthy talking. McCarthy told MacDougall he should get some drums. “He said he’d learn bass if I learned drums so that’s how it started.” “And I’m just a freelance,” said Younie.

MacDougall plays some solo shows around town as well as being a part of the band and McCarthy occasionally plays with Gary Chipman. Once a year the group goes up to Morell, where the members are from, to do a benefit concert for the high school.

The band has one self-titled demo out, and is hoping to release a full-length 12 track album entitled Ground Tails in the next couple of months. AnnaPilla recently joined forces with Sandbar Music for help with distribution of their recording.

“Plans for the future,” said MacDougall, “probably to get every wanker out to the show.” The other two laugh and he adds, “You can smell the sarcasm from here.”

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