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Talking Bands

by Charissa Reeves

Royal Rifles (left to right): Roger Carter, Mark Palmer, Shiloh McGuire and Todd MacKinnon. They do not smoke or drink—ashtrays and bottles are photo props. But they do ride bikes.Prince Edward Island band the Royal Rifles honour’s of one of the member’s grandfather and his squadron. Mark Palmer’s grandfather was in the Royal Rifles squadron during the second World War when he was taken and held as a prisoner of war for four years. “So I snagged it in respect for him,” Palmer said.

Band members are Palmer, vocals and guitar, Shiloh McGuire playing drums, Roger Carter playing the organ and Todd MacKinnon playing bass. Before Carter joined the band MacKinnon played guitar and Timothy Peters played bass. “When Peters left the group in 2005 MacKinnon switched to bass and a little later Carter joined,” said Palmer. “I was tricked into it,” quips Carter. The band has been playing together since last March. Before joining the Royal Rifles, Carter played for the band Motel Money Murder, Strawberry, and is currently the drummer for Double Ought Buckshot. “We’re gonna call it [the band] Roger’s Rifles,” jokes McGuire.

The band hopes to have its first album released by June, Palmer said. “On the hottest day of the summer,” adds Carter. It hopes to put out three albums this year, two full-length and one EP, said Palmer.

Carter describes the band’s sound as “creamy.” “We’ll leave that at that, definitely creamy,” laughs McGuire. “We like playing shows with the band Boxer The Horse,” said Palmer when asked what bands they like to do shows with. “But they’re too young to play with us. I wish they could play for our show without hassle,” he said. “It’s too bad they can’t play without all that legal bullshit,” adds McGuire. “We also like Pat and the Orb Weavers,” said Palmer.

“We’re kind of chaos all the time in the bars,” said MacKinnon. “The band needs a professional sound man to play a good show,” said Palmer. “Everybody has to be in a good mood,” said McGuire. “The crowd not to be wankers,” adds Palmer and laughs.

The band’s aspirations are “world domination,” McGuire said. “We want to start a revolution,” he kids. “We get a cult audience and nobody that’s ordinary listens to us cause we don’t like them,” Palmer said as the rest of the members laughed.

The band will play an all ages youth showcase at Murphy’s Community Centre on February 23.

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