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Talking Bands
by Charissa Reeves

Chris, Alec and BrohanCharlottetown's The Danks has lost one of its members temporarily. Alec O'Hanley, guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist is also a member of Two Hours Traffic. Two Hours Traffic moved to Toronto on September 30 until around Christmas to tour. Replacing O'Hanley while he is away will be Aaron Crane, the drummer from Smothered in Hugs.

Chris Doiron, bassist for The Danks, joked about how O'Hanley is hurting the band. “He's sort of like driving a stake in the heart of the band.” The band also includes Brohan Moore, guitarist and vocalist and Phil MacIsaac on drums.

The band has an indie rock sound with O'Hanley switching between keys and guitar depending on the song and Moore's husky voice singing lead.

When asked about the name of the band the members say it's entirely made up. “It doesn't mean a thing and that's the whole point,” Doiron said. Moore said some people get the wrong impression and think it's a dark name. “We're not dank. Dank is a word, Danks isn't,” he said.

The Danks have one EP released already titled In Alright and will be putting together a full-length album when O'Hanley returns from Toronto. The EP was recorded with Adam Gallant, who has since moved to Montreal. The new album will be recorded with Charles Austin.

Before forming The Danks, Moore Doiron and MacIsaac were all members of The Robots. “I got booted for sounding too much like I do,” Moore laughed. Moore was also a member of the band The Handles and he and MacIsaac were in a group called Uprising. Uprising wrote the career skills jingle which used to play on the radio.

The band is playing some off-Island shows in the next few months, mainly in Sackville and Halifax. “We're just gonna play as much as we can until Alec gets back,” said Moore.

To see more check them out at

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