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Talking Bands
by Charissa Reeves

Stride are Ashley Gorman, Blaine Jenkins and Nick CampbellCharlottetown’s Stride will release its first CD on Halloween at Baba’s Lounge. The 12-track album is entitled Where the Truth Lies and it was produced by guitarist Nick Campbell.

Ashley Gorman, who plays guitar and sings lead vocals, says Campbell is a man of many talents. “He went to the school of hard knocks, Kelvin Groove, Prince Edward Island,” laughs Gorman. The band also includes bassist Blaine Jenkins. The group has been playing original tracks since August 2005 when they played at the Close To The Coast festival. The band recently lost its drummer due to artistic differences but is acquiring a new member. Jon Holmes, plays the drum tracks for the band on the album.

The band had 24 tracks to pick from when producing the album and Jenkins explained how the band writes songs. The songs start with Gorman coming in and telling the other members he has a new song idea. Gorman then plays a handful of chords and sings. “Then I say, ‘This sounds like this to me, lets try this’ and it’s not that I don’t care about chords, it’s that chords don’t matter to a bass player,” said Jenkins.

“Neither do manners,” kids Gorman. Jenkins goes on to explain how it’s style which matters. “That’s how we end up with a melange, a tasty melange of musical styles,” he said. “It’s a tasty groove tossed salad,” adds Gorman. “Ashley’s words tend to be so tasty that you could throw poop on them and they would swim,” says Jenkins.

Gorman says he’s never been interested in telling the other members how to play. “I kind of like the whole rolling of the band and just seeing what they come up with.” “If Ashley is the cake, I am the flavour of the cake. But Nick Campbell is the tasty mounds of whipped on the top,” says Jenkins.

Before forming Stride, Gorman and Campbell hosted the open mic nights at Baba’s Lounge. Campbell was a member of Slow Joey and Dr. Booker Table while Gorman was a part-time member of the same group. Jenkins played with Mystery Snail, Groove Gurus, Sugar Crook and is a member of Party Of Five/Bootleg.

When it comes to future plans for the group, Jenkins says taking over the world is part of its manifesto. Gorman says the band hopes to start playing off-Island after the CD is released and he sees more albums for the future. “I see playing our asses off and playing outdoor festivals and just creating really good things.”

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