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Talking Bands
by I Lien Love (Charissa Reeves)

While sitting at Just Us Girls Fashion Café on August 13 Charlottetown’s most unique cover band, The Love Junkies offered some lovely insights.

The band features Dougie Love on drums, Dickie Love on bass, Midnight Love and CC Love on guitar and Buzzy Love, vocals. With a garage rock sound the band features numerous vocalists and two dancers, the Junkettes.

Dougie says vocally the band has a party atmosphere, as it brings people out of the crowd to sing. “Charlottetown’s only karaoke band,” said CC. Each new vocalist picks a love name and is introduced as such before singing. “The love names started off as peoples middle names, but have become whatever people bring to the table”, said Dougie.

“We kind of junk it up,” said Midnight. The band practices each new song with the vocalist a couple of times before performing live, said Midnight. “Usually the third time is on stage.”

Dougie and Dickie came up with the idea for the band, said Dougie. “We woke up in an alley one afternoon and decided we wanted to play garage rock. So we picked the instruments we didn’t know how to play.”

Both Dougie and Dickie are members of the Orb Weavers and formerly of The Tuesdays. Buzzy was a member of The Tuesdays as well, while CC said he played in a Mars Hill cover band, and is currently a member of Damselfly. Midnight played in a band called The Hot Pants. “Midnight used to be Kim Mitchell, then changed his name and moved to Charlottetown for obscurity,” said CC.

When finding a new vocalist and picking their song it’s all up to Dickie while Midnight learns the music and teaches the rest of the members, says the band. “Midnight points to the notes, Dickie looks dumbfounded and turns up the distortion,” Dougie said. “Since none of the songs have more than one and a half chords,” said CC. “Buzzy spends all his time searching for exotic wear,” jokes Buzzy. “Going through women’s closets in Charlottetown,” adds Dougie. When the shows starts Buzzy makes a grand entrance from the back of the crowd trailed by the lovely Junkettes.

The bands plan for the future are pretty straight forward. “Just to not stop loving,” Dougie said. “No goals,” said Buzzy. “But if you’re throwing a party we’re there,” said Dougie.

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