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Talking Bands
by Charissa Reeves

Ares Reign will re-enter the all-ages scene this summer with a new bass player at St. Pius X church on July 20. The metal band will be playing the show along with the bands Memories of Phoenix, Drowning Shakespeare, Chara and Cheers.

The band members are 17-year-old Kenny Lingley doing the vocals, 17-year-old Isaac Fin Neily, on guitar, 18-year-old Nathan Toombs playing bass, 19-year-old Evan Pineau playing guitar and 15-year-old Mathew MacEachern playing the drums. For a band made up of such young members the sound is tight.

The songs feature classic metal structure with fast heavy segments moving into slower almost melancholy parts, smooth drum rolls and screaming vocals that probably only the band members understand.

Though only Pineau and MacEachern seem to be able to grow facial hair, Toombs insists he has a “sweet moustache.” “It looks like a little caterpillar crawled up and died under your nose,” Fin Neily laughs.

Newest member Toombs joined the band about a month ago. The band has been together for about a year and a half, the only two original members being Pineau and MacEachern. The band name was the brain child of Pineau and the former vocalist and has no real significance, Pineau said. “It just sounds tough,” said Fin Neily. Before forming Ares Reign, Toombs was in a band called Hours End and Fin Neily was part of a Ska band called Bev Reiger and the Sally Sues.

The band has played off-Island in the past and is hoping to play some more off-Island dates this summer, said Lingley. “Because we have a new bass player,” said Lingley. “I’m right here,” Toombs said. “We just have to get tight with the new bass player,” Lingley said. “I’m right here,” Toombs said again as the rest of the members laugh. As they joke around and make fun of each other Toombs points at a red mark on his neck and asks Fin Neily, “Do you wanna touch it?” When asked what happened Toombs explains it’s a strap burn from his bass, he was trying to do “bass flips.” “A horse gave him a hickey,” Fin Neily adds.

The band hopes to put out two demos in the near future and release a new line of T-shirts. To find out more check out www.myspace/ares reign.

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