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Different Drummer
by Jaclyn Killins

Moe Hashie

Some of Moe Hashie’s most euphoric moments have taken place while sitting on his drum stool. The first time he got this feeling was when he was at a gig at the legion when he was 16 years old. “I’m always trying to reach that euphoria, I strive for it,” he said.

Moe explains that this feeling of elation stems from an intangible reciprocation between band mates. “When you’re playing in a band and everything is gelling. You get moved by the music,” he said.

Moe Hashie is the drummer for the band Edge based in Summerside. This band has been rocking the Island for 10 years, picking up two P.E.I. Music Awards in 2006, Entertainer of the Year and Weekend Warrior.

Moe and his band put on a music festival called Edgefest about five times a year at the Shipyard in Summerside. During these mini festivals it is not out of the ordinary for the band to be performing in front of a 500 person capacity crowd.

A second CD is in the works for Edge and if all goes well it will be released in the spring.

Moe runs Music Rocks Academy in Summerside, a business that offers lessons for drums, guitar, bass, voice, piano, violin and mandolin. They also offer dance instruction in hip-hop and jazz.

Over the past 16 years Moe has taught approximately 150 drum students and about 50 guitar students and he finds this very rewarding. Recently he took in a concert at Summerside Intermediate School where he got to watch some of his students shine, Moe said. “There’s nothing more gratifying for a teacher than to see the confidence.”

One of Moe’s students is a talented 14 year old who is so advanced in his drumming he is working with fourth year University material. “I just hope that he surpasses me,” Moe said.

Moe, who has been playing drums since he was five years old, has lent his skill in the studio for about 20 musicians, Catherine MacLellan and David Rashed of Haywire to name a few. “My first studio session was a Christmas album when I was 15,” he said.

Moe sings and plays guitar and bass, but drums are his passion. He says drummers are more apt than other musicians to be fanatical about their instrument and he a prime example of this. He collects drums, he tunes drums and he is hoping to start making custom drums in the near future. “We dream about drums, we talk about drums, we read drummer magazines…”,

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