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Different Drummer
by Jaclyn Killins

Brady MacDonlad

Powerhouse rock band Battery Point has one of the most entertaining drummers on the Island in Brady MacDonald. Stick tricks and talent aside, it's the fire with which the 25 year old hits the drums that makes him mesmerizing.

When he plays he is terrifying. With eyes alight and teeth clenched the usually sweet, fun loving Brady turns into a demon on the drums. His enthusiasm is a force that pumps up the crowd and draws them in.

"I try to put on a good show, something visual rather than just sitting back and playing," he said.

At a recent band showcase, Batter Point caught the eye of an American booking agent, who is rumoured to have been unable to take his eyes of off this spectacular drummer.

Brady draws inspiration from hard rock drummers like Bryan Mantia of Guns and Roses and Tommy Lee of Motley Crue.

He and his older brother Craig, who plays bass for Battery Point, have been playing music together for 14 years.

When Craig's rock band Chamberlane needed a drummer 11 years ago Brady was an obvious choice despite the fact that he was 14. "I started playing in their old rehearsal rooms," Brady said.

On the patio of a now defunct Charlottetown bar called Melons, Brady and Fugato drummer Jon Holmes struck a deal to trade drums. The kit Brady now plays is the same one Jon played in the bands Supercar and Port Citizen. He has grown quite fond of Jon's set. "He's never getting it back," Brady laughs.

The kit is straightforward Pearl, except for the snare, which is a 13-inch tom Amiel Leblanc converted to a snare. Brady originally had this drum made as a back up but it eventually found its way to the starting lineup when he randomly threw it on in the recording studio and gave it a try. He liked the way it had a marching band sound mixed with rock and roll deepness and has stuck with it ever since.

The trade between Jon and Brady epitomizes the sense of camaraderie between drummers on the Island. Growing up in the music scene, Brady found other drummers and musicians were always keen to help him out. And Brady himself keeps up the tradition, always willing to fill in for a cover band or help someone in a pinch.

With their new record, A Kick in the Blood, in stores and international interest, Brady and his band have a lot to look forward to.

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