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Talking Bands
by Jaclyn Killins

Dan Currie and What Happened Tomorrow
 - Craig, Dan and Mike

As a kid, when most people were wearing jogging pants and cartoon tee-shirts, Dan Currie was rocking a leather jacket and jeans. His country-outlaw look, leather vests and cowboy shirts, tattoo sleeves and leather boots is the real deal, says bassist Craig MacPherson. Before he met Currie, MacPherson knew him as the kid with a rattail, a feisty little guy with a big voice who could play the guitar like a champ. “He’s still as seedy as ever,” MacPherson jokes.

Dan Currie and What Happened Tomorrow is a roots/blues/country band consisting of Currie on guitar and singing, MacPherson on bass and Mike MacDougal on drums. The three have played together for 10 years. They were all in Eyes for Telescopes and Tuesdays, MacPherson and Currie were in Double Ought Buckshot and MacDougal and Currie were in Strawberry. Over the years they’ve developed a musical telepathy, signals and cues that have become embedded in their unconscious. “I consider myself pretty lucky to have these guys as my back-up. They are my two favorite musicians to play with and my best friends to boot,” Currie says.

One thing has changed about Currie. He’s gone from, what he refers to as “the typical drunk junkie,” to a straight and serious musician, pulling it off without losing his edge. “I don’t think I know more but I can apply more of what I know,” Currie says of his new found focus. Songs that were once “weird psychedelic suicide notes,” are now more positive narratives, Currie says.

Even in his partying days Currie could still rock the guitar and belt out a song, his band mates say. There were a few times Currie felt like he couldn’t stand up, but putting on the guitar brought him back to life. In the middle of songs Currie’s world would slow down and foggy but then ‘bam!’, he would break into a guitar solo without missing a beat. “I could always play,” he says. His band mates agree.

Dan Currie and What Happened Tomorrow has a softer sound than other Currie bands. They play country music accessible to a wider audience, Currie says. “We could go play at a family show and then go to the bar and play.” Because they are such seasoned, connected musicians they can play off the vibe and pull back or let loose depending on the feel of the audience. “It’s one of those things where you can sit and watch us all night or you can move around,” MacDougal said.

Watch for their CD release this month.

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