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Andrew Murray

Talking Bands

by Jaclyn Killins

Brian, Andrew and EliEarly one morning Andrew Murray was asleep and dreaming. In his dream, he and drummer Eli MacDougall were on Victoria Row listening to the band Wilco play a show. When he awoke, he realized the song they were playing didn’t belong to them it belonged to his subconscious, so he wrote it down and created his song “I’m ruined.”

Eighteen-year-old Murray, from Tracadie Cross, writes a lot of songs this way, capturing inspiration in the groggy, crusty-eyed moments after waking up. “This morning I woke up and I was cold, so I wrote a song,” he said.

Murray’s band consists of drummer Eli MacDougall and bassist Brien McCarthy, who are members of the band Annapilla. Murray plays guitar and harmonica and sings, while MacDougall sings back up. Meaghan Blanchard joined the band in the recording studio lending her voice to the song “Thank You Doctor” on Murray’s recently released EP, An Evening in Snow.

Murray’s songs are whimsical and thought provoking. The band describes their sound as folky pop/rock. “Fock pop,” McCarthy, the band grumbler, joked.

This Thanksgiving Murray’s family got a special treat when his song, “I don’t know what to prove,” played on the radio during dinner. “All of my family was there and they were making it more of a big deal than it was,” Murray admitted.

A musician from Winnipeg, who recently shared the bill with Murray, came to him after the show and complimented him on the quality and structure of his material. “She was most impressed with the quality of the song writing for how old you are,” MacDougall pointed out to Murray.

Flattered as he is, Murray shrugs off compliments because he thinks people are more apt to encourage him because of his age. “People might be more impressed with me being young than they would if I was 25,” he said.

Murray, who has been playing in bars since he was 15, looks forward to turning 19 so he can play anywhere he wants and go watch other bands. He vows to become a mainstay at Island music venues and looks forward most to meeting other musicians.

Recording the EP with Dave Skinner was a blast for Murray. He plans to start working on another when it sells out. The band performed an EP release show at Baba’s on Oct 27 with Pat Deighan and the Orb Weavers.

Dead Airwaves

Talking Bands

by Jaclyn Killins

Mosznski, Ameia, Rocker and Broadbent in a laidback acoustic jam.It was a drenched mess of armpit stains and dripping foreheads at the Benevolent Irish Society one hot summer night when Charlottetown’s new hip hop band Dead Airwaves took the stage. “I was lucky there were no close ups because we just would have looked like Aquaman,” vocalist Eric Broadbent said.

“The summer was a sweaty mess. JP was the sweatiest and the messiest.” Broadbent added, speaking of drummer JP Moszynski. “I’d have to wear my swim shorts to jams,” Moszynski joked.

Broadbent won urban recording of the year at the 2006 PEI music awards for his solo album, He Wears his Emotions on his Sleeve. He wanted to do something different so he formed Dead Airwaves in March 2007. Dead Airwaves consists of Broadbent as lead vocalist, Mike Amelia on guitar and back up vocals, Moszynski on drums and Behn Rocker on bass.

Their sound is a fusion of hip hop and pop/punk, comparable to Rage Against the Machine. Broadbent’s wit and sarcasm is clear in his lyrics. He often presents political and societal themes using satire. “The lyrics are defiantly at the forefront,” Amelia said. Even before he was in the band, Rocker was drawn to the lyrics, he said. “I was really liking how his lyrics were telling the stories.”

Broadbent was nominated for an ECMA in 2006, where he performed for the Hip Hop showcase. He has been involved in many collaborations and groups including Communikozi with J.Kun, The Trip with Tech Thai, and the Creeps with John the Baptist 666 and Bob Bell. Broadbent’s song “pop star rehab” was nominated for an ECMA for urban single of the year in 2007.

Mike Amelia, who took the Recording Arts program at Nova Scotia Community College, mixed and mastered the band’s ep, released at the end of August. “Mike’s totally our engineer. Minus actually hitting the strings and yelling into the microphone and hitting the drums, Mike did everything,” Broadbent said.

Drummer JP Moszynski, a fourth year physics major at UPEI, is a long time friend of Amelia’s. When Broadbent and Amelia started playing together and decided to form a band, the soft-spoken Moszyski was their choice for drummer.

Bassist Behn Rocker replaced John Putnam who left for school in September. Rocker spent September jamming with the band and learning their 18 songs. Rocker, who had a brief stint in metal band Ares Reign, started out as a fan of Dead Airwaves. “He was one of the rowdy fans. Dream come true,” Amelia joked.

The band is accumulating a following of boisterous and dedicated fans. “These guys have like 15 or 20 of their homies at all the shows,” Broadbent said.

“Our friends are loud and rowdy,” Moszynski added. “These people go out to shows every night” Amelia said.

Fans should expect to see Dead Airwaves back in action this month.

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