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Talking Bands
by Laura Yorke

The Constables: Mike Carver, Mitchell LeBlanc, Ben Cameron and Ethan Fenton (photo: Image Factory)

Sometimes it’s refreshing to take a break from the stereotypical rock and roll sound dominating radio stations everywhere. The Constables offer that breath of fresh air. Their upbeat lyrics and heavily acoustic sound stands out in a sea of Nickelback wannabees.

Lead singer Ethan Fenton played solo for many years, but has now found his niche with fellow bandmates Mitchell LeBlanc, Ben Cameron and Mike Carver. Most of the guys met while teaching at a Christian camp, said Fenton. “Oh, the joys of camp counselling.” And it’s no wonder their christianity crosses over into their music. “It’s hard to keep Jesus out when he’s in our lives,” said Fenton.

But the Constables don’t call themselves a Christian band and consider themselves just like any other band trying to get away from the cliche rock image. “We’re not that different. There’s a lot of bands going around with a good message in their songs these days, it doesn’t necessarily have to go back to christianity. People aren’t just thinking about girls and drinking anymore,” said Fenton. It’s a good age for music, he said, because people can actually have some morals and ethics.

“And talent,” said LeBlanc, with a laugh. In fact, the band favours playing to an all-ages crowd rather than a bar crowd.

“They’re by far the best crowd I’ve ever played for,” said Fenton. Especially in Charlottetown where there seems to be such a passion and respect for music, said Fenton. “You can go from here to Nashville and the East Coast is still going to be fairly well known.”

LeBlanc noted this year’s East Coast Music Awards held in Cornerbrook, NL, which featured many Island acts.

When the ECMAs return to PEI in 2011, The Constables have their sights set on a showcase, said Fenton.

But it won’t be easy. Booking gigs and getting your name out there takes work, he said. “It’s more like rock paper scissors than a race. One day it will be you and the next day it won’t.” The Constables are ready for that commitment, he said. “Our attitude as a band since January has always been we will work towards everything and run head first at it, see what doors slam in our faces and the ones that open we just run through them.”

The band plans to do some recording this summer and hope to have an EP out in the fall. In the meantime, they will keep playing shows and entertaining their fans. The Constables’ next show is April 22. The venue is to be announced.


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