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Talking Bands

by Laura Yorke

Chris Gaudette, Craig St. Jean, Dani Dowling, Ryan Hale and Chris Doucette

In a world where parents are blaming heavy metal music for their child’s anger issues, one band is out there proving them wrong.

Uigg have played many shows around the Maritimes and have seen the reaction young kids have to their music. “Anyone who thinks metal is angry is a fool. It’s the most therapeutic thing in the world,” said Dani Dowling, lead singer for the band.

Guitarist Chris Gaudette agreed. “It’s really uplifting, especially for a lot of kids. It’s a positive outlet for all the negativity going on.”

A common thing to see at rock shows is moshing—people thrashing around and throwing themselves into one another. The act is perceived by many as violent and aggressive, but bassist Ryan Hale said it’s quite the opposite. “Kids, when they mosh, it’s like girls going to the bar [to dance]. You’re not going to the mosh pit to hurt someone, you’re going to have fun.”

Seeing young people having a great time at their shows is a very rewarding feeling, said Dowling. “There’s no greater high in the world than seeing someone out there giving as much to your art as you put into it.”

Gaudette called it an energy circle. “You put energy into it and they feed it back to you.”

The guys like to use humour in their shows, with props and costumes. “We want to play good music, but we want to put on a good show, too,” said Hale.

Dowling has even dressed as Santa Claus, among other things. “It’s way better when I get on stage and put on an Optimus Prime helmet,” he said.

Of course, they’re careful not to overshadow their music too much. “We’re not like Kiss where we focus all on the theatrics, but we do put on the show. We’ve always believed that the show is not just about getting up and playing our songs well … which is probably why we don’t play our songs well,” said Gaudette, with a laugh.

It’s all about pretending, said Dowling. “If you project the image that you are the best band in the world, the crowd feeds off that.”

Of course, Uigg wouldn’t be Uigg without the power from a certain east coast delicacy. “We are completely fueled by donairs,” said Gaudette.

Basically, the band combines the three greatest things in the whole world, said Dowling. “Professional wrestling, metal and donairs.”

Uigg’s music will soon reach further than the Maritimes. They have just released their first LP through Diminished Fifth Records within Charlottetown and will be distributing it throughout Europe in early March.

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