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Maritimers Trek to Massachusetts

by Tara Currie

Seeing a Dave Matthews Band concert is less like attending a live show and more like being part of a pilgrimage. Only these pilgrims are, for the most part, hyper twenty-somethings wearing Abercrombie and Fitch.

Thankfully, I was lucky enough to be a part of one such pilgrimage…er…concert, this summer when the Virginia band played one of its two sold-out shows at Foxboro Stadium in Massachusetts.

The loyalty of Dave Matthews Band fans is legendary as Dave-heads routinely travel hundreds of kilometres to watch their musical icons perform.

My boyfriend and I were two of the over 50,000 sweaty, obsessive fans who traveled from all over that hot summer day to experience all this unique band has to offer. I personally know about twenty Maritimers who made the same trek to Foxboro. And I'd be willing to bet few were disappointed. Despite the wilting 92 degree heat Matthews and company put on a show to remember.

The Dave Matthews Band is made up of lead singer/guitarist Dave Matthews, drummer Carter Beauford, violinist Boyd Tinsley, bassist Stefan Lessard and saxophonist Leroi Moore.

At the Foxboro show, the band's repertoire included almost all the songs off their latest disc, entitled Everyday. Some Dave Matthews Band fans have criticized the band for treading too deep into the (mostly) shallow waters of pop music on this latest CD. However, you wouldn't know it from the Foxboro crowd.

From the opening post-apocalyptic Everyday tune "When The World Ends" to its radio-friendly hit "I Did It," the band enchanted its fans with the new songs. So much so, the aisles of the stadium were overflowing with dancing and swaying attendees.

To the delight of many, myself included, the band also showcased older material like the energetic "Two Step" and the beautiful "Satellite." They also covered material like Willie Nelson's "Funny How Time Slips Away." One of the reasons the band's music is so popular is that its sound is extremely difficult to define and, as such, there's something for almost everyone to like. It can best be described as a fusion of almost every genre of music-from jazz, to folk, to what can only be described as power-pop.

The fact that Mathews' current tour has been described by many music publications as the summer's "hottest ticket" might surprise some considering the band has had few mainstream hits. However, DMB's followers know his music so well that, like a Grateful Dead throng, they can reprise his songs as if they were all Top 40 hits.

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