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Score of the Game
by Kurt Johnstone

The newest installment of the Ghost Recon series—Advanced Warfighter— is now available for the Xbox 360.

For the first time Ghost Recon takes place in the future with real weapons and gadgets that are in progress or prototype form at present. There are gameplay additions that make some significant changes for the better. Great graphics, intense firefights and a strong multiplayer are something to look forward to in Ghost Recon.

Graphics are some of the best on Xbox 360. Unfortunately there is a large loss of graphical power in multiplayer, most likely to keep the game smooth and reduce any lag issues. Textures look amazing from a distance but lose some detail up close. Framerate is consistent and smooth. The most impressive aspects of the graphics are the reflections and lighting found through the campaign mode.

The game almost feels like two different games. The campaign mode has some interesting gameplay mechanics never seen in Ghost Recon before. For one you can now stick to walls and lean from them. This is not only essential but also makes firefights more intense and fun. You can do a roll when laying down on the ground. You can bring three teammates along the missions and you have the ability to bark orders at them such as hold position and move/attack. You can also switch between a assault mode and ghost mode. Assault mode means your team will be very aggressive and quick while in ghost mode they will be silent but deadly. Not only can you order your teammates, you can also order tanks or a Blackhawk helicopter in a lot of missions.

Multiplayer plays are more like the previous Ghost Recon games with little changes. The game moves at a faster pace and the new gameplay mechanics are not available for multiplayer unfortunately. There are a good number of weapons to choose from, all which seem to be fairly well balanced. You can edit your characters appearance and choose one of the four classes. In ranked games you are able to upgrade attributes that can improve accuracy and shooting power. There are several modes of play which consist of different co-op and adversarial modes.

The sound quality has not improved much but it always has been impressive. I don’t see how it could sound much better. Voice acting is good and music, though lacking for good reason, does add to the intensity of the gun fights.

This is the best Ghost Recon in the series yet. The graphics are some of the best yet on Xbox 360 and the framerate is smooth. I found aiming not as refined as it could be and even a little sluggish which made pinpoint accuracy taking some time to get use to. The campaign is intense and a lot of fun with great level design, addictive gameplay and smart A.I. The new gameplay mechanics are a welcome addition but it can be troublesome sometimes when trying to stick to walls. It may take a couple tries before being successful. Ordering teammates usually is not a problem but sometimes your teammates will not cooperate causing frustrations. Multiplayer is great but has not advanced much from previous Ghost Recon games. I would like to see the new gameplay mechanics from campaign be implanted into multiplayer which would make some very interesting combat. The flaws are mostly just nitpicks. Overrall a good game and the only one in the series that I would personally enjoy.

If you have feedback about these reviews or other comments about games, Kurt invites you to send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

......................Overall: 88%

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