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Score of the Game
by Kurt Johnstone

Available for the Xbox, Ps2, and Gamecube now, The Big Red One is based on a true story which took place during world War II. It’s not to be confused with Call of Duty 2 for pc and Xbox 360. This is a different version of the game with a completely unique single player campaign filled with emotion and a strong atmosphere depicting what these soldiers went through during their missions.

Graphically, the game has decent textures and good player models. They definitely don’t look as good as some of the latest games but should not distract gamers too much. The Xbox version keeps a solid framerate and looks better than the other versions. Explosions are some of the most impressive I have seen on this generation of consoles. Gameplay is smooth and basic. In the single-player game every level has its own distinct features, keeping the game fresh. Most missions lack freedom causing the game to feel less immersive. Most missions rely on explosions and teammate chatter to make the game feel more exciting. The personality of your characters is done very well. You get to know and differentiate each character and feel the sorrow when a teammate falls in battle. As interesting as this can be, missions can be repetitive and dull a lot of the time—basically shooting one enemy after the other and moving from one area to another. Sometimes enemies will just keep coming in waves never-ending if you do not move on, which seems unrealistic and proves that the action scripting is relied on a little too much. There is a lot of fun to be had in the single-player game but it just has some dull moments.

Multiplayer is the highlight of the package, particularly online. There are 11 maps and they all are very well created. The weapons are well-balanced except maybe the sniper rifle has a bit of an advantage. One interesting feature is that you can level up during matches which will allow you carry more ammo and grenades every time you respawn. You even get a bonus, which may be health packs, sachets, bazooka, ability to call airstrikes, etc. It just depends on what weapon you choose. Sound is amazing. Every gun sounds realistic. The acting and dialogue of your teammates is very good. Even the sounds of planes zooming by and tanks driving around sound top notch.

If you love war games than you will love this game. It’s not the best out there but it is a solid title. Single-player is good but seemed monotonous at times. AI ranged from painfully bad to decent. The campaign is about 6­8 hours long and worth playing through particularly for the emotion side of things. Having your teammates yelling for help and weeping when a teammate falls in battle can be interesting and give you the feeling you are part of something. Multiplayer is great. The only drawback I found is that the auto-aim could be overwhelming. Online there are no scoreboards or clan support.

Overall a good game but I can’t help but think that this game was not a first priority and that the pc and xbox 360 versions were.

......................Overall: 84%

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