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Score of the Game
by Kurt Johnstone

The first fighting game to be released for Xbox 360 is the fourth edition of the Dead Or Alive series. Although not much has changed, the improvements are significant—a deeper fighting system, more characters, improved countering system, and more.

In this edition, the graphics are smoother, more detailed, and the environments have more variety. Framerate is locked at a solid 30 fps, and environments and characters look very impressive on a high definition TV. Gameplay consists of responsive and a deep fighting system. There are 23 characters to choose from, each with their own distinct set of moves. The countering system is vastly improved. You now must time your counters accurately for high, medium or low attacks.

One good thing about this game is that button smashing will not get you too far in this game. You will need to learn and memorize your characters moves if you want to win. Having a fighting strategy is key especially when fighting against real players. There are several modes to choose from, all of which are familiar if you played any of the other Dead Or Alive games, including doa online, survival, story mode, time attack mode, team battle mode, and versus mode. The story mode now has cutscenes in between matches and better end movies when you complete the game with a character (even if they still make little or no sense).

Sounds have not been improved. The game still has a very Japanese soundtrack and voices—decent but unfortunately the game’s weakest link. Why can’t they dub the Japanese voices to English?

This could end up being the best fighting game of the year— good online play with a little lag that usually doesn’t affect gameplay, improved countering system, well balanced characters to choose from, interesting but odd cinematics and a deep overall fighting system, amazing fighting environments with dangers players must avoid such as cars, wild animals,etc.

On the minus side, sound is lacking, and the game itself has not changed much from the previous edition. Avators and buying avator’s costumes seems pointless. Still, as far as fighting games go, this title has little or no competition. If you love fighting games then this game is highly recommended.

......................Overall: 93%

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