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by Kurt Johnstone

The sequel to the one of the most successful X-Men video games is now available. This time the X-Men must team up with the brotherhood which includes previous enemies such as Toad, Magneto and many others. Apocalypse has risen and you must stop him before it is too late. Yes, the storyline does not offer anything original, but the conflicts between characters and plotpoints prove to be interesting throughout the adventure.

The graphics in Legends II are cel shaded to give the game a comic book look that works well. The framerate stays consistent allowing the game to be very playable. The camera angle is always from birds eye so you can see everything on screen without getting confused when players get split up.

The gameplay is basically a hack and slash game. Simply fight a group of enemies—all the way to your objective, which is usually meeting a boss. Most missions just consist of finding particular collectibles or destroying certain objects while fighting swarms of enemies which seems a little repetitive but enjoyable when playing co-op. Having the 4 mutants work together with their distinct attacks and mutant powers. There are about 16 mutants to choose from. As you gain experience from defeating enemies, you will be able to add attributes to your character such as how strong he/she is or speed. Also you will be able to gain more and strengthen existing mutant powers.

Online play is a welcome edition but you may experience some lag. Controls are simple and responsive. Basically you can do a throw, basic attack and a strong attack. You can put together combos to put a fancy end to your foes. Also you can assign up to 4 mutant powers to the controller at a time.

The sound is similar to the previous installment. It does the job and voices suit the characters well. Acting is decent but nothing special. If you ever watched the cartoon then you probably would know what to expect.

If you love X-Men, you most likely will enjoy this game. Otherwise, think of it as Gauntlet with X-Men characters. The plot is traditional and mostly predictable but has some interesting moments. Storyline is geared towards X-Men fanatics and they will love it. The game is enjoyable even if it is repetitive. The game should last a good 15 to 20 hours of gameplay.

I would have liked to have seen the characters cooperating through the missions, having to use their mutant powers to advance puzzles and defeat enemies, but it ends up being a satisfying beat em‚ up. Bosses required some strategy however, keeping the game fresh.

The use of online co-op is very cool, but not without some flaws. People can’t join once you begin a match-forcing the host to quit and create a new match if all the players leave while in a game. There is some noticeable lag and people can skip over the cutscenes which can cause some frustration if people are trying to watch them.

Overall it is a good generic beat ’em up game geared towards X-Men fans.

......................Overall: 80%

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