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Score of the Game
by Kurt Johnstone

The newest addition to the Rainbow Six series is now available. The gameplay has been altered from a simulation to an arcade style gameplay. The game is similar to its predecessor in mission design. You will still take down terrorists, save hostages, defuse armed bombs, etc. Along with many of the same modes of play there are some new ones such as, Lone Rush, Sniper Game, Total Conquest and Retrieval.

The graphics are strangely degraded compared to previous Rainbow Six games. Textures resolution is low and bland. Lighting only gets as advanced as shadows put on screen. The only decent quality is the character models which look good but somewhat unrealistic. The framerate is a solid 30 FPS which is the only real good aspect in the graphical department.

The gameplay is faster-paced and much easier now. You now have a health bar and can take many shots before death. The level design is linear and boring. Most missions you just save hostages, clear out terrorists or defuse bombs. The enemy and ally A.I is downright horrible. Teammates will shoot through solid walls at enemies and enemies will sometimes just stand there waiting to die. I feel like I’m playing a game made 5 years ago or older half. There is some replay value however. You can earn intel points throughout missions which allow you to unlock cheats, weapons,artwork, etc. which makes the game more tolerant. Although the single player is pretty much a waste of time, the multiplayer has some pleasurable use. You can play through the missions with up to four players online or offline which is kinda fun. The competitive multiplayer is pretty good. You can play in four different modes some objective based and others are frag fests.

A new feature added to the Rainbow Six series is the P.E.C. mode which allows you edit your own character and gain levels. Every time you gain a level you can upgrade your skills such as accuracy, toughness and power.

Sound is well done for the most part. Gun shots sound distinct and powerful on each gun. There are details such as foot movements. Your team, when playing single player, have lots of dialogue but it is more cheesy and annoying than anything. Acting is pretty bad.

The new P.E.C. Mode is a welcome addition but it rewards the player who plays the most and not the one who is most skilled. There is a good variety of weapons to choose from and some fun multiplayer action but it gets old all too fast. Graphics are very disappointing and so is the gameplay. I feel like they just threw together a game as fast as they could with a big name on it just to make a quick buck, and they probably will succeed. The A.I. is awful and The level design is too simple. Hopefully a tweaked P.E.C. mode will be implemented into a much better sequel. I can only recommend this for a rental or hardcore gamer.

......................Overall: 65%

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