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Score of the Game
by Kurt Johnstone

TimeSplitters: Future Perfect is the third game in the TimeSplitters series, and takes the formula from the past games and improves on it. Fans may be disappointed that little has changed, but it was already very good.

The new storyline is different, however, and follows one character named Cortez who must travel through time to stop the TimeSplitter creatures from eliminating all mankind. The goofy and silly-styled game features more weapons, more mayhem and ,yes, even more monkeys.

The graphics have been improved, but still are the game’s weakest point. Everything is very simple, cartoony and wacky as expected. The framerate is very high, usually around 60 fps, but does sometimes tend to bog down noticeably in co-op mode—sometimes to the point where the game is almost unplayable. Animation is silky smooth and cutscenes throughout the story mode are great.

The story lacks originality but it is entertaining and interesting from beginning to end. The missions are based on completion of objectives, not quite as linear as Halo 2 or Doom 3. You may actually have to use your brain a little from time to time. Every level is different from one another creating a fresh experience. The best part is the humour the game achieves during several cutscenes as you progress in the Story mode. Some of this stuff is hilarious. The option to play cooperative through the story mode is a big plus.

The best part is The Multiplayer which is what made me love this game. It plays out like a silly, faster version of Goldeneye for the N64 (classic). The variety of weapons is impressive; there are 40 in all. The weapons range from assault rifles to homing rocket launchers, with over a dozen different modes to choose from and tons of different options to play around with. There are 150 characters to play as, most of which must be unlocked by progressing through the single player modes. This includes the challenge mode which consists of mini-games. In this mode you obtain scores and they can be uploaded to Xbox Live for others to view. Also available is a map editor to create your own deathmatch and single player levels. The levels you create can even be uploaded to Xbox Live for others to download.

The sound is fairly bland but does its purpose. The techno soundtrack is undesirable but the voice acting is well done.

I believe this is one of the best Xbox Live titles because of the variety and fun factor involved. The Map editor is a great edition. The Story is great but short-lived, and the gameplay is fun—though not as refined as Halo 2. There’s just such a huge amount of variety it should keep the replay value high.

There are some weaknesses. Players expecting a totally new game will be disappointed because it feels and looks very much the same as the prequel; there are even all the same modes. The A.I. is pretty bad, enemies are not too bright or responsive. Vehicle controls are awkward and framerate drops during co-op. However, the end result is an impressive game (even with those annoying monkeys).

Overall… 92%

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