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Score of the Game
by Kurt Johnstone

FableOne of the most anticipated games for the Xbox since the console’s release is finally available. A story of revenge will have you exploring an amazingly detailed world filled with deadly creatures and powerful weapons and magic. You will enroll in dozens of quests and become your own hero or villain depending how you progress through the game.

The graphics are truly phenomenal. It has some of the best graphics seen on the Xbox to date. The character models have extremely high-resolution graphics, Objects and terrain look very impressive and lighting effects like shadows look great. The style and environments suit Fable perfectly and connects the player to the game.

The game plays like your typical hack and slasher. You have your simple attacks, a power attack and magic you can unleash during combat. The combat becomes repetitive and boring because the A.I. is just average and quests don’t differ much gameplay wise. The majority of main and side quests require your character to hack and slash your way through hoards of enemies. Luckily there are some unique quests like some stealth-based quests and one cool main quest where you escape a jail. If the game was actually challenging that may have made quests more enjoyable.

The biggest problem is that you can carry well over 100 healing items at a time and occupy healing magic.

Outside of the simple combat are the amazingly well designed towns and environments that you will explore. Buying new, powerful weapons is always satisfying. Another fun and addicting part of the game, is the ability to gain levels and new magic abilities.

What sets this game a part from other RPG’s is the freedom. You are never forced to continue the main story. You can take on side quests, buy a house, get married or go on some killer rampage if you must. You are faced with choices of good or bad deeds throughout the game that can change your characters appearance and how people react to you. It’s a nice bonus but never seemed to appeal to me personally.

The sound is beautiful, some of the best music and sound effects on the system. The musical score is comparable to the Lord Of The Rings film. Voice acting is top notch as well.

This game was said to be the most anticipated and revolutionary game to come out in a very long time. In my opinion it is just an above average RPG that is just a little shy of being great. The graphics and sound are some of the most impressive on the system but the gameplay is not so great. The cinematic scenes seem dull and cheesy. They don’t seem to draw the player into the story line. The story has a few twists here and there but nothing to make it good. The gameplay is too easy which makes it boring and repetitive. The game is also very short for a RPG but maybe that is good thing since it never gets too interesting or exciting.

Genre: RPG/Adventure
Difficulty: Easy
Publish: Microsoft
Developer: Big Blue Box Studios/ Lionhead Studios

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