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Greg Willoughby takes The Buzz to the peaks (in spirit)

by Peter Richards

I first met Greg Willoughby of Backmandy Collectibles in Charlottetown in the course of doing some Buzz business. Eventually I found out that Greg is not always sitting behind his counter buying and selling hockey cards. He is a hiker.

Greg and his wife Shelagh spend most of their holiday time hiking up mountains—in Canada, the United States and around the world (Himalayas done, a New Zealand climb imminent).

As part of our 20th anniversary celebration in 2013 we were giving out anniversary pins. To our pleasant surprise we learned that Greg had attached his pin to the knapsack that he takes with him. And he now sends us bulletins from his climbs, along with photos of our Buzz pin achieving new heights.

Here are a few excerpts from Greg’s emails to The Buzz:

“Seek the Peak was success and a great time on Mount Washington. I hiked two different routes this trip. I did the Boott Spur going up with 4300 feet of vertical gain in 5.4 miles and Tuckerman Ravine going down 4300 feet in 4.2 miles for a total 9.6 miles, or 15.45 km, in 6 and a half hours. I blazed down the ravine trail in 2 hours 17 minutes even with the traffic of humanity on the trail.

“Here is a photo of the Buzz just below the summit marker at 6288 feet above sea level. Shelagh and I will be back in New Hampshire on the 9th to 16th so a couple of more hikes for the Buzz that week.

“Cheers and as always bringing the Buzz to new heights!

“…Shelagh and I are back from our vacation in the White Mountains. The first picture is the Buzz and the Summit Marker on Mount Lafayette at 5249 feet. On this hike we also summitted Mount Lincoln(5089') and Little Haystack Mountain(4780'). The hike is 9.1 miles and about 4000 feet of vertical gain with 1.7 of it on an exposed ridge see photo attached.

“The second was the Welch Dickey Loop which afforded us a views of the backside of Franconia and a little perspective in the mountains. Welch Mountain is only 2605' and Dickey Mountain is 2734'. All in all a great week and a Moody Blues concert thrown in for fun and a day in Boston you can't go wrong. Cheers, Greg Willoughby.”

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