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Nan Ferrier's paintings of barns at the Kier Gallery

by Sue Gallant

Red and white barn on Route 225, an oil on board painting by Bideford artist Nan Ferrier.Do you have a picturesque barn building on your property? If so, you might like to get along to The Barn Show opening at the Kier Gallery in Charlottetown on April 4, to see if your barn is one of those featured. The show continues until April 30.

Bideford artist Nan Ferrier, has put together a magnificent collection of approximately 30 barn paintings that go to make up The Barn Show exhibition. All but two of the barns depicted in the show, are located on Prince Edward Island. The two off-Island works, illustrate barns in Peace River country in Northern Alberta.

A colourful and well-known figure on the Island art scene, Ferrier has also invited artist friends to contribute a piece or two, on a barn theme, to the Kier Gallery exhibition. "I am really not sure how many other pictures are going to be coming in, but probably another 20 or 30," Ferrier told The Buzz.

Ferrier says the idea of The Barn Show hatched last year, when she was commissioned to paint a local sawmill. As the painting neared completion, the suggestion of a barn board frame was discussed between artist and client. Following that discussion, the client returned to Ferrier's studio with an armful of hand-made, barn board, frame samples. Ferrier was so delighted with the aesthetic appeal of the frames, (some, she noted, even had lichen growing upon them), that the artist immediately offered her client the option of bartering the commissioned work for the frames. The offer was accepted. "There I was with all these barn board frames," said Ferrier, "so it seemed logical to do a show on barns."

Never one to follow the path used by the masses, Ferrier has taken rented accommodation in order to work on location at the Kier Gallery for the duration of the show. The artist will be working, and available to meet the public, at the Gallery on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and by chance, on Saturdays.

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