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La Scéne de la Scéne
by Stephan MacLeod

Jonah Campbell takes off his shirt for capitalismPort Citizen and The Rude Mechanicals rubbed sweaty shoulders with funk and ska legends Fishbone in Moncton during The Rudes' Flipping Through the East tour. The two Charlottetown bands were playing in The Paramount the same night that Fishbone and Canadian punk icons, D.O.A. were playing at Oxygen, a larger venue located in the same building as The Paramount. Despite competing for an audience with two legendary bands, a few die hard Rude Mechanical and Port Citizen fans cheered on the locals. Some members of Fishbone also enjoyed some of Port Citizen's set before their own show. Port Citizen finished their set early and caught the last forty minutes of Fishbone's performance. While they were unloading gear after the show, somebody invited Port Citizen and The Rudes to a hang out on Amanda Marshall's tourbus with members of her band and Fishbone. The guys raided the bus's liquor supply which belonged to the bus's previous inhabitants, Sum 41. Pete MacDonald of Port Citizen was so excited, he marked his territory in front of Amanda Marshall's bus.

Brodie Read in a van and a Blurry photo of the mosh pit

Port Citizen will be marking their territory across the country as they head out to play a few gigs at the Montreal International Fringe Festival between June 13-23.

Bill Matthews took this photo of Angelo from Fishbone. Grrrrrrr!Before playing the Fringe Festival, Port Citizen will be joining The Rude Mechanicals and Eyes For Telescopes at Rancho Relaxo in Toronto on Wednesday June 5. The show will be a chance for Eyes For Telescopes and The Rudes to warm up before both bands play showcases at the North By Northeast (NXNE) Music Festival and Industry Conference later that week. The Rudes' NXNE show is Thursday June 6 at 9:00 PM at Clinton's, and Eyes For Telescopes play Friday June 7 at 1:00 AM at the Tarnzac Club. Only four bands from the Maritimes were selected to play NXNE this year, which features a bill of four hundred bands and artists from all over the world.

Bill Matthews took this photo of Angelo from Fishbone. Grrrrrrr!

While the Eyes show their goods to Central Canada, they will also be getting wider exposure on the East Coast when Alexander Keiths launches its "Tap Into the Evolution of East Coast Music" campaign. Over a hundred thousand copies of three compilation CDs that include the Eyes' song "Hey Alright" as well as a song by the Atlantic Region winner of CBC One's Big Break Contest, Nathan Wiley, will be available with the purchase of Keith's starting on June 1 in New Brunswick, and July 1 on Prince Edward Island. Stay tuned for the brand new Eyes For Telescopes CD, which has been mixed and is currently in the mastering stage. Watch for details for a huge release party.

Speaking of huge release parties, the most intense underground experience in Charlottetown, Tastes Like Burning, have released a brand new CD. The band launched their new album (as well as themselves) at a massive all ages show at the Arts Guild on May 18 with twelve other local artists. Rock Out Or Die Part Deux was the band's way of celebrating the diversity of the local music scene and also a way to raise money for their upcoming tour of the U.S. and Canada. Be sure to pick up their new CD, The Imposition of Order, which will most likely be available at Back Alley Discs.

If you want to find out what's new at Back Alley, check out their brand spanking new website, for news, reviews, and other goodies. The new site allows people to submit their own album reviews.

In another publication, I wrote a satirical editorial piece making fun of Back Alley Discs. The owner, Chas Guay, asked me to clarify that he did not write the piece, and I apologize if anybody thought he wrote it.

Nigel of Motel Money Murder

Before I end this thing, I'd like to recommend a few new bands that have emerged on the PEI music scene. Besides being named after a cool movie, Army of Darkness put on a hell of a show. This band from Summerside brings the mosh with a vengeance. During their set at Rock Out Or Die Part Deux, half the stage was filled with members of the audience rocking out and stage diving. They bring an energy and attitude to shows that throws everyone into a dark and violent frenzy. Motel Money Murder have threatened me bodily harm, if I do not write something about them. If you dig Sonic Youth, MC5, or The Stooges, then you're probably too old to go to all ages shows. Motel Money Murder are the perfect solution. This mop-haired group of rock and rollers have been opening for local bar bands throughout Charlottetown. Pay them a visit at their next show, and please tell Jason Birt to stop emailing me.

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