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La Scéne de la Scéne
by Stephan MacLeod

Your Barn Door Is Open

The Rude Mechanicals, some other guys, and a kitchen.

On April 20th, the Rude Mechanicals will return from Toronto to play the last Drink-the-Barn-Dry ever at the UPEI Barn. The Barn has served as the home of the UPEI Student Union for the past thirty years. The Barn's doors will be open one last time for the Rude Mechanicals to play the building's final concert ever. A new venue is expected to open on campus on August 10 when the new student union building opens. The Rudes played many a show in the Barn in their early days at UPEI. The stage at the Barn has a long history of memorable concerts and famous Canadian performers taking the stage. Bands like Sloan, Jan Arden, Poppa Shine, Blue Rodeo, and I Mother Earth have all played there at one time or another (not all at once, mind you, but that would have been a fun show if they actually did). Summerside's Lending Jane will be opening for the Rudes at this show.

ITEM: The Internet Is Now Available on Computers

Prince Edward Island's underground music and skateboard scene now has a place to call its home on the Internet. is a non-profit website that informs members of the local community of upcoming events and news and serves as a resource for sounds and pictures of bands and skaters. Following in the footsteps of and, PEILocals is maintained by local writers and people involved in the scene.

Bill Hangs Up His Boots

Cable 10 mainstay Bill's Jamboree is going the way of Compass. Bill Acorn, has hosted the show since March 1, 1977. The unrehearsed jamsession which featured local amateur musicians and various people wearing cowboy hats was the longest running show on Island cable.

Luther Wright's Diary
The bluegrass equivalent of Pink Floyd is coming back to Baba's on April 3. Luther Wright and the Wrongs are going to cook up Pink Floyd's The Wall and some smokin' originals when they bring their show into town. There's a blurb on the band's tour diary, about the last time they rolled into town. There's a brief mention of partying at Buzzy's place and a shout out to local alt-country stars, the Tuesdays: "Curtis and I go with a girl and two cowboy guys to a party a few blocks from the bar where we listen to some fellas play country songs and sip a couple of beers. When we leave the quiet cowboy guy gives me a cd [Build a Horse] that they made in the living room's awesome!" You can read stories about the band's adventures on the road at

House of Rock Returneth
Rowdy Cape Bretoners will move into Baba's Lounge on April 12 and 13 this month for two nights of the best in Atlantic Canadian music. Rock Ranger will kick some serious ass on the 12th, and Slowcoaster will clean up the mess. Who's the fucking man???


 XEnvisionX from Awesomfest!


Last January in a musty basement on Beach Grove Road, a festival celebrating awesomeness was launched to an awesome reception by the 60 or so hardcore music fans who managed fit uncomfortably in the sweat-filled cellar. Five bands, a missing iguana, and a naked run in the snow were among the many awesome highlights of the event which showcased both local underground bands and Halifax's hardcore scene for one night. Oh how awesomely the times have changed. Awesomefest's humble subterranean beginnings are a far cry from the overall awesomeness planned for the fest's follow-up, AWESOMEFEST II!!! Featuring an impressive line-up of away bands and the best musicians in Charlottetown's scene, Awesomefest II promises, if nothing else, to be awesome. Representing a variety of styles and sensibilities, Awesomefest II will showcase everything from crybaby emo artists like Moneen, to the no-wave 80's dance stylings of Halifax's A/V. Even the forgotten art of heavy metal will return briefly on April 6th when the The Cadre hosts a night of classic metal covers featuring local rock stars Eyes For Telescopes, and Port Citizen. Returning from the original Awesomefest will be XEnvisionX, Three Fine Days, and the local flailcore rockmachine, Tastes Like Burning. Awesomefest II kicks off on March 29 at the Arts Guild with three away bands: The Plan, Slight Return, and The Rudy Huxtable Project. Can it possibly get any awesomer? No, grandma, it doesn't.Bring your nice shoes and some chewing gum.

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